'Best Sellers' sneak peek: Role play

Michael Caine and Aubrey Plaza in a sceen from 'Best Sellers'

Video Transcript

- Can you just please humor me?

- OK, go on then.

- Mr. Shaw, what is your book about?

- Well, it's about 350 pages.

- That's very funny, Mr. Shaw. It's been what, 40 years since anyone has seen or heard from you? What have you been up to all this time?

- Well, I've been drinking. Cheers.

- You can't drink on television, Harris. This is going to happen tomorrow.

- Oh.

- I'm going to ask you again. Harris, it's been a really long time since anyone's seen you. What have you been up to all this time?

- Drinking.

- (WHISPERING) God dammit.

- The-- why publish now, huh? What was the inspiration for this new book?

- Money.

- Money?

- Well, I didn't have a lot else to do anyway, so, you know--

- Money and boredom.

- Yeah. If you're really bored, you start writing, so you might as well make some money.

- See, people have switched the channel by now. You wrote your new book because of money.

- Yeah, money.

- You know despite your mantra--

- I needed money.

- The very popular hashtag "bull-bleep," is sweeping the nation, but I've read the book and I happen to think that there's an element of truth behind those words. That's right, a profound, deeper meaning that you're getting at.

- Toffee-nosed git.

- You can't call the host names.

- I'm not talking to the host.

Go ahead, give me an example of the truth in my book.

- You want to know what I think?

- Yeah. Well, you said you knew about the truth. Tell me the bloody truth.