Best weekend travel essentials: What to pack for your next road trip

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Head out on your next road trip with these must-have weekend travel products. (Getty Images)

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The pause on long-haul travel during the pandemic really encouraged me to go on shorter trips to explore cities within Canada by road. The more trips I took, the more I started enjoying the process, and learned a lot along the way about how to pack smart.

Now, since I do a lot of weekend travel, it's hard to carry a ton of items around. After plenty of trial and error with different products, I've made a list of my absolute must-have travel gear that I won't leave home without.

Ahead, find my favourite travel products that you'll want to bring along on your next road trip.

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Lambert The Sidney Vegan Leather Multifunctional Bag

The SIDNEY - Black Vegan Leather Multifunctional Bag
The SIDNEY - Black Vegan Leather Multifunctional Bag. Image via Lambert.

First and foremost, a durable (and chic) travel bag is a must. This is a bag I've been using for a year now, and what I love is that I am able to fit all my essentials yet still have room for clothes. It features side pockets that fit footwear, a front opening to fit your other belongings, and a lined sleeve for laptops.

$200 at Lambert

ProCase Accessories Bag Organizer

Accessories Bag Organizer case filled with tech cables
Accessories Bag Organizer. Image via Amazon.

A versatile accessories organizer to neatly and safely tuck away your electronic wires and accessories is so important on any road trip. This one can easily be stored in a purse or carry on for easy access to your tech accessories. I personally like the soft fabric as opposed to hard-shell carrying cases as it makes it more flexible to fit in bags.

From $19 at Amazon

OrgaWise Packing Cubes

OrgaWise Packing cubes set of 9 cubes in blue
OrgaWise Packing cubes. Image via Amazon.

As an individual who loves to be organized, I always use packing cubes for every occasion — whether it's camping, a beach trip, or business travel. They are easy to store and wash, are super durable, and save space in your luggage. You also get great bang for your buck with this 9-piece set which covers everything from clothing, delicates, shoes and toiletries.

$33 at Amazon

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Memory Foam Travel Pillow kit with case and eye mask
Memory Foam Travel Pillow. Image via Amazon.

This memory foam neck pillow really supports your neck and upper body, making for a comfortable sleep just about anywhere. It also comes with a travel bag, so the pillow doesn't get dirty, as well as an eye mask for when you want to block out light.

From $42 at Amazon

Solar Battery Power Bank

Solar Battery Power Bank
Solar Battery Power Bank. Image via Amazon.

If you want to document memories of your trip, a full battery to shoot photos and videos is essential. This solar powered power bank comes in handy because it's eco-friendly and will work practically anywhere given that it's charged under sunlight.

$40 at Amazon

Wacaco Portable Espresso Machine

Portable Espresso Machine
Portable Espresso Machine. Image via Amazon.

I'm obsessed with portable machines, and this one is perfect for long road trips where you can't find a coffee shop or don't want to stop driving. It's super compact, convenient and easy to use on-the-go: simply add hot water and your favourite coffee capsule.

$80 at Amazon

Macally Adjustable Car Tray Table

Adjustable Car Tray Table with fast food meal on surface
Adjustable Car Tray Table. Image via Amazon.

For all those times you've wished there was a table in front of you while eating in the car— this tray is a dream come true. There's no need to juggle your meal on your lap when you can place it on the adjustable tray. A huge bonus is the built-in phone stand so you can watch a show or movie while eating.

$40 at Amazon

Stila Colour Cocktail Travel Palette

Stila Colour Cocktail Travel Palette. Image via Stila.

This Stila cocktail palette is small, but a perfect choice for travelling since it has products for eyes, lips, and cheeks all in one. The mirrored interior also makes it easy to touch up your makeup when you're on the road.

$36 at Shoppers Drug Mart

Oversized Poncho Cape Scarf

Oversized Poncho Cape Scarf
Oversized Poncho Cape Scarf. Image via Amazon.

Hands down poncho capes are the coziest item I've taken on any trip. They go with almost every outfit, and as an added bonus can be used as a blanket during long car rides.

$33 at Amazon

Sorel Women's Kinetic Impact Lace Sneaker

Sorel Women's Kinetic Impact Lace Sneaker
Sorel Women's Kinetic Impact Lace Sneaker

Having a good pair of sneakers is essential when travelling, especially ones that are lightweight and comfy. This is why I love the Sorel Kinetics — they're super light, comfortable to wear for hours, and breathable due to the mesh uppers.

$150 at Amazon

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