The Best Reality TV Shows on Netflix

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

There’s nothing that I love more than rotting at home and binging shows, as the world spins madly on. Also, if you just sang this song by The Weepies, then call me, because I love you. Despite my lack of focus, let me help you learn my ways. You see, I’m a Bravo fan at heart, but I currently have a side piece named Mr. Netflix, and he’s fantastic.

Seriously, Netflix’s Reality TV department is on point. I’ll steer you all towards my top selections found over there now. Keep in mind though that my choices are all pretty varied because I like a lot of different things. But also, I have children who often join me in my Netflix cocoon, and I support their fire choices.

The Devil’s Plan

There’s only one season of The Devil’s Plan on Netflix, but a Season 2 is confirmed. Despite it’s singular showing, this Korean game show is still a binge-worthy series. There are 12 episodes, each running a bit over an hour. Therefore, you can easily sink hard into your sofas, making it impossible to know where you begin, and your couch’s fabric ends.

As for the premise, 12 contestants live together for a week. There’s crying, social aspects, math, a jail, crying, games, “death matches,” booted-off contestants, and also crying. As for the title, the contestants have a “devil” of a choice to make when deciding to either choose their own “Individual Interests” or a “Common Interest.” If you’re confused, just go ahead and Ramyeon mokugaleo (that’s Korean for Netflix and chill).

Nailed It!

I’m so mad that I didn’t invent the concept of Nailed It! Here’s the thing that all of us probably have in common. We all want to be epic parents, friends, neighbors, and/or humans, right? Because of this, whenever an event arises, we turn to the pros, like Pinterest, looking for ideas.

Then, after finding the most stunning thing imaginable, we all think “I could do that.” But when we “do that,” everything goes to hell. Cue seven hysterical, relatable, family-friendly seasons of Nailed It! on Netflix.

Love on the Spectrum

My friends, representation and diversity matter. Whether it’s race, gender, sexual orientation, varying abilities, or religious viewpoints, we need broader perspectives on our screens. Love on the Spectrum does this, with two wholesome seasons already uploaded on Netflix.

In this series, adults on the autism spectrum navigate the complex world of dating. They are joined by their families, and also an incredibly supportive production team, who often break the fourth wall to guide their stars. Oh, and good luck keeping your happy tears at bay after watching the “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” duet in Season 2. IYKYK.

The Great British Bake Off

You can lose an entire week watching The Great British Bake Off. There are 14 bingeable seasons, with additional specials for the holidays, and also a few charity fundraisers on the side. I cannot explain why, but I love listening to these kindhearted Brits while watching their dishes come to life in a tent. If you think that this sounds lame, then you can (kindly) sod off.

Dubai Bling

Dubai Bling Season 2 just dropped on Netflix earlier this year, and if you like Real Housewives of Dubai, you’ll love this similar series. While RHODubai focuses on housewives, Dubai Bling tends to focus on high-profile business people, each living an insanely glamorous, make-you-feel-poor lifestyle. No worries though, as they are all still equally catty and messy. In addition, their families often appear on-air as well, so there’s a lot of backstory given, which will help you to fully connect with each of these cast members.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

An organized life translates to an organized mind. Insert Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, who helps her guests decide what to keep, and what to toss. After watching the one season that Netflix has to offer, I went through my belongings and donated the things that didn’t “spark joy.” Afterward, I felt like I could breathe easier, which made me realize that this Marie Kondo chick was onto something.

Old Enough!

My children are obsessed with Old Enough!, which I get because this series on Netflix is beyond hysterical and precious. In this, very young children, aged roughly 2-5, are sent on errands by themselves, while a camera crew follows along. They do everything from shopping for their family’s meals, to visiting shrines and delivering items. There are two seasons of Old Enough! streaming right now, so go check it out if you need a good chuckle.

Floor Is Lava

Speaking of things my children adore, meet the Floor Is Lava series. There are three seasons on Netflix so far, and it’s exactly what you’d expect. Contestants have to traverse their way through an obstacle course, where one wrong move could send them spiraling down into the pit of lava just beneath their feet. After watching this though, don’t be surprised if your household tries to set up their own courses, with a side of godspeed to your nice lamps.

The Circle

The Circle Season 6 has arrived on Netflix, and it looks like it’ll be a good one. In this series, a handful of players move into separate apartments, all located within the same building. They only communicate via an app, but some of the contestants are lying about who they say they are. After lots of rankings, only one cast member is left standing, receiving a cash prize in turn.


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