'The Best Part of Wakin' Up': Folgers' Iconic Jingle Sells for $90,500

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Folgers coffee can
Folgers coffee can

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"The best part of waking up, is Folgers in your cup!"

It's a jingle every American, whether they drink coffee or not, can sing by heart, Folgers using the iconic tune in TV and radio commercials for over 30 years. And on Friday, ownership of all future royalties for the song were auctioned off.

The winner — a man named Josh C., who paid $90,500 to come out on top of the auction — will earn lifetime royalties any time the jingle is used in an advertisement on TV, radio, the Internet, or anywhere else.

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That could mean big bucks in the long run. Last year, according to the auction listing, the song earned $11,746.52 in royalties — mostly thanks to national TV advertising, which traditionally drives income for the song.

In the previous decade, it's brought home $38,164.19, more than half of that ($20,665.94) coming in the last two years alone.

Of course, should Folgers move away from using the jingle, royalties would decrease.

That would be a shock, though, since the song has been inextricably linked with the Folgers brand since it debuted in a TV spot in 1984. One Folgers commercial, called "Peter Comes Home For Christmas," ran ever year for well over a decade.

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Written by "If The Love Fits Wear It" singer Leslie Pearl, the composition (also known as "Real Snowy Morning") has been adapted in the styles of nearly every music genre imaginable, including country, gospel, jazz, R&B, folk, Celtic, and more.

Stars like Aretha Franklin, Randy Travis, and even a capella superstars Rockapella, who famously recorded the theme to the 1990s game show, Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Folgers adapted the songs for a series of commercials skewing working from home life.

As for what's next, auction winner Josh C. clearly sees possibility. Bidding for the auction began at $63,000 last Monday, Sept. 27. Josh C. won out, by just $1,100.