The Best Meat Delivery Services to Get Butcher-Quality Cuts Straight to Your Door

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Best-Meat-Delivery-Services-Online - Credit: Courtesy of Crowd Cow
Best-Meat-Delivery-Services-Online - Credit: Courtesy of Crowd Cow

Whether you’re craving brisket for dinner or throwing some burgers on the grill for Labor Day this weekend and beyond, online meat delivery services are heating up, with a group of well-trusted companies ready to ship high-quality cuts to your door.

If you can’t make it to your local butcher shop, you can now quickly order meat from brands online like Omaha Steaks, ButcherBox and more, which stock just about any cut of beef you could want, as well as pork, chicken and seafood.

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Some of the best meat delivery services even sell tasty sides, desserts and other treats that give you a full meal all in one box (or a few). By ordering online, you can save yourself a trip to the store while getting fresh, great-tasting shipments that make for easy-to-prepare dinners at home.

Meat Delivery Services Buying Guide

Selection: From grass-fed ground beef to a whole chicken, the best meat delivery sites can pack up a wide range of foods for you that ship to your house. No matter what you’re hungry for, you’ll be able to find and order it online, and some even let you search according your diet, from keto to paleo-focused foods.

Quality: The online butcher shops featured in this guide all sell top-quality meat, so you don’t have to stress about the freshness of what’s inside the package at your front door. While no service does things exactly the same, many are more transparent about what they supply, including information about where the animals are raised. Companies like Crowd Cow even have their own section that lets you shop according to a specific farm.

Convenience: Whether you can’t make it to a physical store or you want to take your time browsing for your weekly meal-planning, you can easily go through any of the meat delivery services on this list and search for the meat of your choice.

It’s easy to search for exactly what you want (though you’ll probably end up adding a few extra items to your cart in the process). Some meat delivery sites also include helpful expert tips on how to cook what you’re ordering, as well as inspiring recipes that will help get you out of your culinary rut.

And if you don’t want to worry about forgetting to restock your freezer, services like ButcherBox make it easy to set up a plan and customize your shipping frequency, and even let you order from a variety of boxes that will arrive like clockwork every few weeks.

Additional Meals: If you don’t have space for a big shipment of meat right now, or want options to go along with that steak or roast, some of the meat delivery services on our list also let you place orders for restaurant-quality sides or ready-to-eat desserts.

What Are the Best Meat Delivery Services?

From Omaha Steaks to ButcherBox, here are four of our favorite delivery services for getting high-quality meat sent to your house.

1. ButcherBox


ButcherBox has all your meat needs covered in any of its boxes, from 100 percent grass-fed beef to free-range chicken and more. First, pick one of its frozen packages, and choose between a mix of beef, chicken or pork. You can even order a box that you customize, and fill it with things like seafood that’s wild caught, organic chicken and high-quality beef.

Next, decide how much meat you actually want, with two box options. The Classic package runs $129 and includes 8-11 pounds of food. The ButcherBox Big Box is $238 for 16-22 pounds, and is a great option for filling up your deep freezer. The company offers free shipping, and you can set your shipping to every four, six or eight weeks.

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2. Crowd Cow

Credit: Crowd Cow
Credit: Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow is a serious, meat-loving crowd-pleaser thanks to its big inventory of options and curated items. You can shop by categories of meat, from beef to chicken, as well as specialty packages, like dog treats or the 1.75-pound pack of chicken breasts.

Crowd Cow’s also made it quicker to shop if you’re following a diet, too. Looking for something that’s keto? Set your sights on the tender 12-ounce steak to pair with your favorite sides, starting at about $23, and choose among grass-fed, Wagyu strip steak and other options.

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3. Holy Grail Steak Co.

Credit: Holy Grail Steak Co.
Credit: Holy Grail Steak Co.

Holy Grail Steak Co.

With a name like Holy Grail Steak Co., you’ll find an incredible assortment of meat at this shop. That includes packages like the American Wagyu Steak Flight, $249, a great option for special occasions or for treating yourself on a weeknight, which includes a couple 8-ounce filet mignon steaks and a couple 16-ounce New York strips. (You can find its entire selection of steak flights here.)

Holy Grail has a ton of promotions currently live on its site, from its Wagyu Weekender deal of tenderloin fillets and ground beef for burgers, to an order of its Weekend Grill Pack of rib-eyes and eight American Wagyu burgers boxed up and ready for some quality time with your Traeger.

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4. Omaha Steaks

Credit: Omaha Steaks
Credit: Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks is a one-stop-mealtime-shop for flavorful dishes that everyone in your family will like. Steaks, of course, are just one of the many items you can order, but we love that the company curates packages that include multiple courses, like this Ultimate Family Favorites deal (currently 50 percent off at $196.99), which comes with four filet mignons, four sirloins, multiple burgers and sausages and more.

The best part of the package is that Omaha Steaks doesn’t forget rockstar sides and includes potatoes and truly delicious dessert like caramel apple tartlets that you can put right in the oven while you enjoy your main dishes.

If you only want to order your meat, sides or dessert individually, you can do that, too. Once you’ve picked out your food, you can also order bottles of wine to pair with your steaks, from chardonnay to cabernet.

And just in time for your long weekend, Omaha Steaks is having a 50% Off Summer Sale on a variety of its packages, so you can get shipments of its high-quality meals at a fraction of the regular price.

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