Best IMPACT Wrestling PPV Matches Of 2018

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IMPACT Wrestling was on the up in 2018, with PPV matches witnessing an uptick in quality. The change of leadership really did help the promotion improve upon multiple facets. Plus, the ever-reliable IMPACT roster never missed to hit a home run on television tapings and PPV events.

Stars like Sami Callihan and Johnny IMPACT ruled the main event scene with their in-ring acumen and storytelling prowess. The Knockouts Division received a major boost following the arrival of Jordynne Grace. The tag team division, meanwhile, still had LAX and The Lucha Brothers.

Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the best IMPACT Wrestling PPV matches of 2018:

Image Credit: Tape Machines Are Rolling
Image Credit: Tape Machines Are Rolling

Austin Aries vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Rey Fenix (Three-way Match for the IMPACT World Title – Redemption)

All three men in this match are world-class athletes, so this match making it to this list is a no-brainer. Aries put his world title on the line against The Lucha Brothers. The only catch was that both Penta and Fenix wanted to get the title off of him.

Austin gave his veteran experience in the match. Penta relied on his overall wrestling ability. Fenix brought his usual athletic flair to the mix. In the end, it was Penta who got the win with the Pentagon Driver over Austin Aries.

Austin Aries vs. Johnny IMPACT (World Title Match – IMPACT Wrestling Bound for Glory)

Despite the weak build, Austin Aries versus Johnny IMPACT was an overall solid main event and one of the best IMPACT Wrestling PPV matches of 2019. Johnny IMPACT entered the match with a completely different mindset than his usual flair.

Aries, on the other hand, proved his worth as the ever-reliable in-ring veteran who could bring out the best in his opponents. The post-match shenanigans from Aries, unfortunately, overshadowed the excellent action that took place in the ring.

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LAX vs. The OGz (5150 Street Fight for IMPACT World Tag Team Titles – Slammiversary)

Santana and Ortiz had to take care of Homicide and Hernandez a year prior to their epic feud against The Lucha Brothers. LAX versus The OGz brought two teams with a penchant for violence and destruction.

The Street Fight stipulation meant both teams could inflict as much damage on each other as they wanted, and they did. The match involved the use of thumbtacks, tables, and chairs. In the end, a frog splash from Santana paved the way for LAX’s win.

Austin Aries vs. Moose (IMPACT World Championship Match – Slammiversary)

Moose showed he could hang with one of the best wrestlers in Austin Aries in this match. The pair collided for the world title in the main event of Slammiversary XVI. Fans had little expectation for this match because of the excellent bouts that preceded it, but they were proved wrong.

Aries made Moose look like a million bucks in this match. The big man used his sheer strength and size to his advantage during the match, but that wasn’t enough to put down the Greatest Man that Ever Lived.

Sami Callihan vs. Pentagon Jr. (Hair vs. Mask Match – IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary XVI)

Sami Callihan and Pentagon Jr. had one of the most intense feuds in IMPACT Wrestling at the time. Both men had nothing but hate for each other and channeled it to full effect in this brutal Hair vs. Mask match at Slammiversary XVI.

Callihan has always thrived under the infamous no-disqualification stipulation but got more than he wanted in Pentagon Jr. The match had railroad spikes, superkicks, and other brilliantly executed spots that made it one of the best IMPACT Wrestling PPV matches of the year.

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