Berner puppies get excited after finding water bottle to play with

These Bernese mountain dog puppies are the epitome of cute! They have found a water bottle to play with and they couldn't be happier. Their mother is a gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog named Stella and her father is a beautiful Great Pyrenees named Dexter. They got together one warm summer night. They were barely a year old and they hadn't seemed at all interested in starting a family. But the result was a litter of the most adorable puppies imaginable. Dexter and Stella had been booked for their family planning surgery with the veterinarian but they managed to fit in a little time in the woods somehow, just in time. The puppies are a mix of brown, black and white and they have the softest and fluffiest fur. It's too hard to keep all the names straight so they are often referred to simply as the nine fluffy puppies. The puppies spend their days running, playing, and napping. Today, they have been exploring in the woods behind the house and one of them has come back carrying a plastic water bottle like it is a treasured prize. The other puppies quickly realize that she has something exciting and they all gather around to join the fun. It becomes a tug of war between the pups and they pull and wrestle over it. They are in the cute, but awkward stage and they trip over each other in the process. It's hard to keep track of each pup as they wiggle and climb over each other. The pup that brought the toy from the woods actually loses it to another one and then watches curiously before getting back in on the fun. As the pups continue to fight over the bottle, the first pup becomes more interested in the camera and forgets all about the bottle. She then jumps on one of her brothers until she realizes that the bottle is getting away. Playtime like this continues all day, interrupted only when it is time for food or a quick snooze. These nine fluffy puppies are all too cute to resist and each of them had a carefully selected forever home lined up within a few days of their birth.