Berlinale Unveils Programs For Forum, Forum Expanded & Shorts

Day 2 of this week’s Berlinale announcements see the selections for its Forum, Forum Expanded and Shorts programs revealed.

The Forum program contains 17 movies, primarily from filmmakers at the beginning of their careers, though with some establish directors included such as Israeli documentarian Avi Mograbi and Berlin directors Chris Wright and Stefan Kolbe. In total, 14 are world premieres.

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The Forum Expanded selection consists of shorts, medium-length films and features, and will screen 17 films as well as art installations. In the Shorts program, a total of 20 titles will compete for the Berlinale prizes this year. Scroll down for the full line-ups.

Yesterday, the festival unveiled its Generation and Retrospective programs.

As previously reported, buyers will get the chance to view these movies during the virtual EFM, which runs March 1-5. Juries will also be appointed to decide on the festival’s awards during this period. Audiences will hopefully have a chance to see the movies in cinemas during a planned summer event in June.


À pas aveugles (From Where They Stood)
France / Germany
by Christophe Cognet
with Christophe Cognet
*World premiere

Anmaßung (Anamnesis)
by Chris Wright, Stefan Kolbe
with Nadia Ihjelj, Josephine Hock
*World premiere

Doch rybaka (Tzarevna Scaling)
Russian Federation
by Uldus Bakhtiozina
with Alina Korol, Viktoria Lisovskaya, Valentina Yasen
*International premiere / Debut film

Esquí (Ski)
Argentina / Brazil
by Manque La Banca
with José Alejandro Colin, Segundo Botti, Shaman Herrera
*World premiere / Debut film

The First 54 Years – An Abbreviated Manual for Military Occupation
France / Finland / Israel / Germany
by Avi Mograbi
with Avi Mograbi
*World premiere

Garderie nocturne (Night Nursery)
Burkina Faso / France / Germany
by Moumouni Sanou
*World premiere / Debut film

The Inheritance
by Ephraim Asili
with Eric Lockley, Nozipho McClean, Chris Jarrell
Debut film

Jai jumlong (Come Here)
by Anocha Suwichakornpong
with Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, Waywiree Ittianunkul, Sirat Intarachote
*World premiere

Juste un mouvement (Just A Movement)
Belgium / France
by Vincent Meessen
with Dialo Blondin Diop, Ousman Blondin Diop, Marie-Thérèse Diedhiou
*World premiere

Mbah Jhiwo (Mbah Jhiwo / Ancient Soul)
by Alvaro Gurrea
with Yono Aris Munandar, Sayu Kholif, Musaena’h
*World premiere / Debut film

No táxi do Jack (Jack’s Ride)
by Susana Nobre
with Amindo Martins Rato, Maria Carvalho, Joaquim Verissimo
*World premiere

Qué será del verano (What Will Summer Bring)
by Ignacio Ceroi
with Ignacio Ceroi, Mariana Martinelli, Charles Louvet
*World premiere

A River Runs, Turns, Erases, Replaces
by Shengze Zhu
*World premiere

Sichuan hao nuren (The Good Woman of Sichuan)
by Sabrina Zhao
with Weihang He, Ruobing Zhao
*World premiere / Debut film

Ste. Anne
by Rhayne Vermette
with Isabelle d’Eschambault, Jack Theis, Valerie Marion
*World premiere / Debut film

Taming the Garden
Switzerland / Germany / Georgia
by Salomé Jashi

La veduta luminosa (The Luminous View)
Italy / Spain
by Fabrizio Ferraro
with Alessandro Carlini, Catarina Wallenstein, Freddy Paul Grunert
*World premiere

Forum Expanded

Black Bach Artsakh
Republic of Artsakh, 140’
by Ayreen Anastas, Rene Gabri
*World premiere

Thailand / Singapore, 51’
by Prapat Jiwarangsan
*International premiere

Saba’ sanawat hawl delta al-neel (Seven Years Around the Nile Delta)
Egypt, 331’
by Sharief Zohairy
*International premiere

Short film selection #01

Songs of the Shirt
Germany, 4 x 1’
by Kerstin Schroedinger
*World premiere

*One of the four Songs of the Shirt will be screened in each selection

Lost on Arrival
Netherlands, 8’
by PolakVanBekkum
*International premiere

Böse zu sein ist auch ein Beweis von Gefühl (Fury is a Feeling Too)
Germany, 25’
by Cynthia Beatt

Night for Day
Portugal / Austria, 47’
by Emily Wardill
*International premiere

Short film selection #02

13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird
Portugal, 31’
by Ana Vaz
*World premiere

Italy, 31’
by Anton Vidokle
*World premiere

The Coast
India, 17’
by Sohrab Hura
*World premiere

Short film selection #03

May June July
USA, 8’
by Kevin Jerome Everson
*World premiere

Colombia / Canada, 43’
by Pablo Alvarez Mesa

“레드필터가 철회됩니다.” (“The Red Filter is Withdrawn.“)
Republic of Korea, 11’
by Minjung Kim
*International premiere

Mudança (Upheaval)
Germany / Portugal, 27’
by Welket Bungué
*International premiere

Short film selection #04

After Life Followed by Red Impasto Jar
Finland, 9’
by Jonna Kina
*World premiere

USA, 22’
by Petna Katondolo
*World premiere

Zahlvaterschaft (Fatherland)
Germany, 22’
by Moritz Siebert
*World premiere

Ahorita Frames
Germany, 22’
by Angelika Levi
*World premiere


All of Your Stars are But Dust on my Shoes
by Haig Aivazian
*International premiere

Black Beauty: For a Shamanic Cinema
Spain / United Kingdom / Belgium
by Grace Ndiritu
*World premiere

Jole dobe na (Those Who Do Not Drown)
India / Japan / Sweden
by Naeem Mohaiemen
*International premiere

Medicine and Magic
by Thirza Cuthand
*World premiere

Se hace camino al andar
by Paula Gaitán
*International premiere

Sous le masque blanc: le film qu’Haesaerts aurait pu réaliser (Under the White Mask: The Film That Haesaerts Could Have Made)
by Matthias De Groof
* World premiere

The Song of the Shirt
by Kerstin Schroedinger
*World premiere

Voices and Shells
by Maya Schweizer

The Wake
Haiti / France / United Kingdom
by The Living and the Dead Ensemble
*World premiere

The Zama Zama Project
USA / South Africa / Canada
by Rosalind Morris
*International premiere


Al motociclista no le cabe la felicidad en el traje (Motorcyclist’s Happiness Won’t Fit Into His Suit)
Mexico, 10’
by Gabriel Herrera
with David Illiescas, Ángel Morales, Lisandro Robles, Ulises Robles, Estefanía Guerrero, Joel Ramirez
*World premiere

Les Attendants (The Men Who Wait)
France / Indonesia / Singapore, 15’
by Truong Minh Quý
with Gérard Thomas, Jean-François Geneste, Souleymane Sanogo
*World premiere

Blastogenese X (Blastogenesis X)
Germany, 27’
by Conrad Veit, Charlotte Maria Kätzl
with Charlotte Maria Kätzl, Conrad Veit, Juraj Černák
*World premiere

Deine Strasse (Your Street)
Switzerland, 7’
by Güzin Kar
with Sibylle Berg
*International premiere

Easter Eggs
Belgium / France / Netherlands, 15’
by Nicolas Keppens
*International premiere

Das Glitzern im Barbieblut (Glittering Barbieblood)
Germany, 27’
by Ulu Braun
with Gina-Lisa Maiwald, Mietze Maiwald, Dietlind Sommer, Milan Braun
*World premiere

International Dawn Chorus Day
Canada, 15’
by John Greyson
with Shady Habash, Sarah Hegazi
*World premiere

A Love Song in Spanish
France / Panama, 24’
by Ana Elena Tejera
with Yolanda Mathieu, Candido Ríos
*World premiere

Luz de Presença (A Present Light)
Portugal, 19’
by Diogo Costa Amarante
with Diana Neves Silva, João Castro, Gustavo Sumpta, Luís Miguel Cintra, Fernando Soares
*World premiere

More Happiness
USA, 13’
by Livia Huang
with Tina Wonglu, Joyce Keokham, Rui Ying Lu
*World premiere

Nanu Tudor (My Uncle Tudor)
Belgium / Portugal / Hungary, 20’
by Olga Lucovnicova
*World premiere

One Hundred Steps
France / Germany 29’
by Bárbara Wagner, Benjamin de Burca
with Eabha Bourke, Mona Boutchebak, Malachy Bourke, Bob Quinn, Hakim Hamadouche
*International premiere

One Thousand and One Attempts to Be an Ocean
France, 11’
by Wang Yuyan
*World premiere

Nigeria, 14’
by Michael Omonua
with Ruby Akubueze, Brutus Richard, Amanda Oruh, Chimezie Imo
*World premiere

Si t’as un coeur (Young Hearts)
France, 22’
by Émilie Vandenameele
with Artus Antonini, Mathilde Le Borgne, Arthur Velten, Lucie Vincentelli
*World premiere

Strange Object
United Kingdom, 15’
by Miranda Pennell
*International premiere

Vadim na progulke (Vadim on a Walk)
Russian Federation, 8’
by Sasha Svirsky
*World premiere

Ventana (Window)
USA, 11’
by Edgar Jorge Baralt
with Edgar Jorge Baralt, Christina C Nguyen
*World premiere

Xia Wu Guo Qu Le Yi Ban (Day Is Done)
People’s Republic of China, 24’
by Zhang Dalei
with Kong Weiyi, Zhang Chen, Guo Yanyun, Zhao Hua, Hao Mengfu, Li Xuejian
*World premiere

Zonder Meer
Belgium, 14’
by Meltse Van Coillie
with Lucie Wyns, Jeroom Smeyers, Lone Genar, Eva Binon, Patrick Vervueren
*International premiere

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