Bengals' Carlos Dunlap Puts Home Up for Sale on Twitter Amid Trade Rumors

Jose Martinez
·1 min read

The Cincinnati Bengals are reportedly engaged in "active trade talks" regarding Carlos Dunlap, but he already has one foot out the door.

Following the Bengals' last-second loss to the Browns Sunday, Dunlap put his house up for sale on Twitter, providing a detailed breakdown of his residence and the surrounding area.

Earlier this week, the two-time Pro Bowler expressed his frustration about his new role with the team under this new coaching regime just days after saying he wasn't going to challenge their vision while on Live.

"It sounds like it's not going to be me in there. I think they want a different run stopper. I think I can give that to them," Dunlap told reporters. "It just seems like this is what the coaches want. I don't know what the thought is, but evidently, focus on third down. So we've got to get them to third down with the young boys and do what I'm asked to do."

The Bengals have until the deadline on November 3 to deal Dunlap.

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