Ben Stiller and Penelope Cruz Cover ‘Vogue’ for ‘Zoolander 2’


Derek Zoolander has finally hit the big time: the actual cover of Vogue. The fashion magazine’s February issue features Ben Stiller, in character as the clueless male runway model, posing alongside his Zoolander 2 co-star Penelope Cruz. In an accompanying photo shoot, Stiller and Cruz break out their best Blue Steel stares for Annie Leibowitz — not to mention a saddle (worn by Stiller, naturally) and some seriously freaky headgear. Check out the high-fashion images below.


Zoolander 2, opening in theaters on Feb. 12, is a sequel to the 2001 comedy about bubbleheaded male models caught up in an international assassination plot. Like the original, the sequel was directed and co-written by Stiller — who, along with co-star Owen Wilson, told Vogue they were surprised at how the fashion world embraced their characters. When Stiller and Wilson announced Zoolander 2 with a surprise appearance on the Valentino runway at Paris Fashion Week, Wilson didn’t even think the crowd would react.

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“I kept saying, ‘Why are we even being secretive? It’s not so big a deal … we’re going to walk out there to a smattering of applause,’” Wilson told Vogue. He was wrong: The audience of fashion insiders went wild, which the actor described as “the best reaction you could have imagined.”


The first Zoolander boasted cameos from a couple dozen well-dressed celebrities, including David Bowie, Natalie Portman, Tyson Beckford, Victoria Beckham, and Lenny Kravitz. Nevertheless, Stiller revealed that the fashion world didn’t immediately warm up to the film. “It wasn’t like a slam-dunk movie idea,” Stiller said of Zoolander, which fared poorly at the box office but exploded in popularity on home video. “For the most part, we were on our own—both in the fashion world and with the studio, too. They were just like, ‘We don’t quite know what this is.’”

Stiller didn’t have that problem for the sequel. In fact, he told Vogue that every star and fashion icon he asked to appear in Zoolander 2 was quick to sign up for a role including Cruz, Kristen Wiig, Justin Bieber, Benedict Cumberbatch, Marc Jacobs, among others. “We didn’t get Karl Lagerfeld,” Stiller admitted. “I would have liked to get Karl. I came close.”

(All photos: Annie Leibovitz/VOGUE)

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