Ben Affleck’s dad has no time for ‘nonsense’ questions about Bennifer reunion

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Ben Affleck's dad says he's the last to know about Bennifer 2.0.

Timothy Affleck was approached by the tabloid The Sun to weigh in on his son's reignited romance with ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez.

“Of course I’ve heard of her,” the 78-year-old said of multi-hyphenate J.Lo. “But I’d no idea about any of this. I talk to my kids about their lives when I see them," noting he hadn't seen them, also including Casey Affleck, recently due to COVID, "and they share with me what they want to share."

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Ben Affleck’s dad had the best response to a tabloid reporter asking about Bennifer 2.0 (Photos: Getty Images)

As for whether it was true Ben, 48, had been "pining" for Lopez, 51, in the 17 years since they split, Timothy replied, “I’ve never heard of all that nonsense."

The senior Affleck, who's probably less in the dark about the romance than he let on, dealing with probing tabloid reporters in the 25 years his son has been an A-list star, then turned the conversation into promotion for Ben's non-profit, Eastern Congo Initiative.

“I just wish people would focus on the good work my son does in Congo — the women he helps there,” Timothy said. “There are important stories the media should be reporting like that, not this nonsense."

This "nonsense" — the surprise reunion of the exes we wrote off in the aughts — has been captivating the entertainment world this spring. In April, as Lopez officially ended her engagement to Alex Rodriguez, amid his DM scandal, she didn't miss a beat, smoothly rebounding with Ben as if they spent no time apart.

After a rendezvous in Miami, a Lopez source told People things are serious between the pair.

"This is not a casual relationship," the insider said. "They are taking it seriously and want it to be long-lasting." Further, they are "slowly starting to talk about the future."

Things sure looked serious when they were photographed holding hands in L.A. this week. They also walked arm in arm after dining with her manager, Benny Medina, and film producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas.

And all the insider leaks are juicy, but the grin on Ben's face when he was snapped by a paparazzo leaving Lopez's L.A. home this week after a sleepover spoke volumes.

There's still much to be worked out between the pair, who have five kids between them. (She has twins with third husband Marc Anthony; he shares three kids with wife Jennifer Garner.)

"They will continue to travel back and forth between Los Angeles and Miami," the People insider said. He's based there with his kids. Lopez has a home there as well, but also spends time in Miami.

Ben's parents split when he was 11, with his dad, who struggled with alcoholism, moving from Massachusetts to California to treat his addiction when the future star was 16. 

Ben, who's also struggled with addiction, told the New York Times last year, “The older I’ve gotten, the more I recognize that my dad did the best he could. There’s a lot of alcoholism and mental illness in my family. The legacy of that is quite powerful and sometimes hard to shake." (Timothy has been sober for more than 30 years, he told The Sun.)

Ben remains very close to his mother, Chris, who's regularly photographed visiting him and her grandkids in L.A. So a true barometer of how serious Bennifer is will be when the couple is photographed with her — as his ex Ana de Armas was last year. Chris also remains close with Garner.

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