Ben Affleck Teases "Beautiful" Story Behind His Revived Romance With Jennifer Lopez

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Bennifer 2.0 is so beautiful to Ben Affleck.

The Oscar-winning director and Tender Bar actor and Jennifer Lopez rekindled their '00s relationship this past spring, went Instagram official in July and recently spent the Thanksgiving holiday together. While they have been photographed together many times this year, they have kept mum about the details of their romance. But in a December 2021/January 2022 cover interview with WSJ. magazine, published on Wednesday, Dec. 1, the actor offered a sweet comment when asked how his relationship with J.Lo restarted.

"I can say that it's definitely beautiful to me," Ben responded. "And, you know, one of the things I really value across all facets of my life now is that it was handled in a way that reflected that. My life now reflects not just the person that I want to be, but the person that I really feel like I am—which is not perfect, but somebody who tries very hard and cares very much about being honest and authentic and accountable. It's hard to say who benefits more, without going into gossipy detail."

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck: Romance Rewind

The actor continued, "I am very lucky in my life in that I have benefited from second chances, and I am aware that other people don't even get first chances. I've had second chances in my career. I've had second chances as a human being. Life is difficult, and we are always failing and hopefully learning from those failures. The one thing you really need to avail yourself of the opportunities provided from that growth is the second chance. I've definitely tried to take advantage of that. I haven't always been successful, but in cases in which I have, they've turned out to be the defining aspects of my life."

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Venice Film Festival
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J.Lo has also kept it vague when asked about her relationship with Ben. In July, on NBC's Today show, co-host Hoda Kotb told J.Lo that every time she sees a picture of her and Ben, the actress looks happier. She asked her if she was and the actress agreed that she is, while smiling, but made no mention of the actor.

Also on the Today show in November, Hoda asked Jennifer, who was promoting the romantic comedy Marry Me, if she would ever get married again. J.Lo, who has been married three times and was engaged to Ben in the '00s, replied, "I don't know. Yeah, I guess. You know me, I'm a romantic, I always have been, a few times. I still believe in happily ever after, for sure, 100 percent."

Ben has also spoken about J.Lo to the press before after the two rekindled their romance. In an interview with Adweek magazine, published in September, the actor sung the praises of his girlfriend, who was honored with the publication's Brand Visionary Award.

"All I can tell you is that I have seen firsthand the difference representation makes," he said, "because I have seen, over and over and over and over, women of color approach Jennifer and tell her what her example as a strong woman and a woman succeeding and demanding her fair share in the business world means to them."

He continued, "I am in awe of what Jennifer's effect on the world is. At most, as an artist, I can make movies that move people. Jennifer has inspired a massive group of people to feel they have a seat at the table in this country. That is an effect few people throughout history have had, one I will never know and one I can only stand by and admire with respect."