Ben Affleck Beams With Pride Talking About Brother Casey’s Oscar Buzz

Ben Affleck joined the Today show and beamed with pride over the awards buzz younger brother Casey has received recently for his performance in Manchester by the Sea. Casey has several nominations, including an Oscar nod in 2008 for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, but has yet to win a major award. He has already received a nomination this year for a Golden Globe for Best Actor for Manchester by the Sea and is widely expected to do the same when the Academy Awards roll around.

And Ben couldn’t be prouder.

“I’m very excited. It’s — knock on wood — I think it’s great. I cast him in a movie years ago. I’ve always known what a great actor he is. I’m so glad to see him getting this kind of recognition now. It’s really thrilling,” Ben said.

Casey was also on the Today show recently, so Matt Lauer pointed out to Ben how his brother didn’t seem nervous about awards season. But Ben has been through this twice before. He won a screenwriting Oscar for Good Will Hunting in 1998 and another in 2013, when Argo, which he directed and produced, won Best Picture. Affleck also won Golden Globes for both movies in the same categories. Lauer asked if Casey fully understands how much winning these awards could affect his life.

Ben replied, “You know, I think it’s very hard to understand those kinds of changes when they’re happening to you. It’s like when you’re in the middle of a car accident. You’re not really aware of the fact that you’re about to crash into a wall.”

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