Below Deck Season 11: Who Is New Chef Nick Tatlock?

New Below Deck chef Nick Tatlock - Season 11
Photo Credit: Bravo via YouTube

Another Below Deck Season 11 crew member has walked the plank. Following several slip-ups in the galley, Captain Kerry Titheradge released Chef Anthony Iracane from his position onboard. Since there are still several charters left to go, a replacement had to be called in. Cue BD’s newest yachtie, Chef Nick Tatlock.

Personally speaking, I’m eager to watch this chef come onboard the motor yacht St. David. For the first time ever, there’s a cast member that’s a tad bit older than the norm. Therefore, I’ve got questions. Will he love nights out on the town, or will he be the responsible one, urging his costars to head back to the yacht once the streetlights turn on?

Whatever happens during Nick’s tenure in Season 11, I hope that his efforts see the tips rising again post charters. But before we can accurately say whether or not his presence will be a hit or a miss, let’s dive in on what we even know about the guy. Does he even cook, bruh? And how much experience is he bringing with him to the galley? Here’s what we know about the new Below Deck chef, Nick.

Chef Nick’s job experience

Even though Below Deck has brought on many skilled chefs in the past, I’m pretty sure that Nick’s time spent in this industry trumps them all. He’s coming in with 22 years of experience. Hopefully, this means that he’ll be able to whip out his dishes in a timely manner. Speaking of his plates, over on his Instagram page, Nick’s skills look high.

Judging from his images alone, I think that we’ve got ourselves a winner in Nick. Even though I can’t even tell you what half of his plates contain, they sure are pretty. They’re also varied in nature, which I’m sure that his guests will appreciate. From baking to appetizers, to full, hearty meals, Nick’s doing it all.

While it was easy to find images of Nick’s creations, I couldn’t find out a ton on his background, yet I did find an older Facebook post with his name attached. This post included a menu for a Thai pop-up restaurant in Nicaragua. Nick curated (and cooked) this menu specifically for this event. Likewise, back on Instagram, Nick’s also seen cooking for a private party.

With all of his years of experience, the dishes that I can already see, and his time spent working in a variety of kitchens, I think that Nick will fare pretty well. And if not, well, cheers to his future drama(s).

Fun facts about the new Below Deck chef

I put in the time for all of you, taking in all that Nick’s socials had to offer. Nick, if you’re reading this, please don’t get creeped out. This is literally my job, and I am not hiding out in your bushes lurking on you. For now…

That said, Nick’s Instagram account tells us all a decent story about who the new Below Deck chef is, when he’s not knocking out recipes on Bravo that is. Not shockingly, the bulk of his images involve an ocean. He’s also a big fan of his friends, as well as his apartment back home on dry land. I get it, as I’d be thrilled to be back in my own space too after completing a stressful charter season.

Nick’s also got a post with Dylan Piérre De Villiers at the gym. I guess these two are about to bond on Below Deck. I dig it. As long as Nick does the bulk of the talking.

What the sneak peek teases about Nick

In Bravo’s latest sneak peek drop for BD Season 11, we get our first sighting of Nick. His new crew members spot him for the first time as well. Kyle Stillie’s the first one to actually see Nick approaching, asking “Is this the chef?” Sunny Marquis then takes to her walkie-talkie, announcing “All crew, all crew: chef incoming.”

Walking up to the motor yacht St David in a basic white tee and ripped jeans, Nick’s all smiles. Once he’s onboard, he heads down to his cabin to unpack. While he’s occupied, Fraser Olender takes the opportunity to collect some tea, asking his costars about their first impressions of Nick. “Old. Older,” quips Sunny.

In response, Fraser asks “how old?” The camera’s then cut to Nick in a confessional, revealing that he’s “40. Nearly 41. Yachting is something that keeps me youthful,” he says. He then jokes that back home, he has “no ex-wife” and “no kids. This is probably why I look so good.”

Nick’s humor then fully emerges, as we hear him saying “I think I lost my mind a long time ago. Maybe, I talk to myself too much, I have a few little ticks and go a little bit loopy sometimes, but I’m harmless crazy. You know, I’m not about to murder anyone,” he laughs. Those are some famous last words though, if you ask me (*whispers, here for it).

For Nick’s final scenes in the preview, he heads up to the wheelhouse, where Captain Kerry lays down his laws. After hearing about the former chef’s shortcomings, Nick simply says “okay.” The preview then cuts to other matters, and we see nothing else of Nick.


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