Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Most Valuable Players

Mads Herrera, Chase Lemacks from Below Deck Sailing Yacht
(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)
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As one of the newer Below Deck franchises, Below Deck Sailing Yacht has really pulled out all the stops to become a front-runner for the favorite franchise amongst fans. While the other nautical series feature mega motor yachts, Captain Glenn Shephard and his crew took their time to show off the Parsifal III—a luxury sailboat. The majesty of the wind picking up the sales has lured in viewers who keep wanting to see more.

Right before the worldwide pandemic hit in 2020, the franchise premiered and showed off a whole new way for guests to enjoy the open seas. What fans loved about the original franchise they now got in a small, fun size. The living quarters were smaller for the crew, which meant there would be at least 25% more drama to be filmed. But a few of the cast members really stood out for their TV appeal, making the show even more of a cult favorite.

These are Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s most valuable players who the rest of the crew depend on.

Captain Glenn

Below Deck Sailing Yacht wouldn’t be a show without its fearless leader. Captain Glenn has been at the wheel since Season 1 and has quite a different personality than his two rivals, Captain Sandy Yawn and Captain Lee Rosbach. Captain Glenn has quickly become one of Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s most valuable players, thanks to his cool-as-a-cucumber thinking. Bravo cameras have yet to see the 62-year-old freak out. Instead, he keeps his composure at all times.

One of Captain Glenn’s best traits is that he is happy to help entertain the guests. Often Bravo cameras catch the TV personality chatting up the charter guests while he stands behind the helm. He also attends numerous dinners and engages in lively conversation. Every boat needs a captain who is willing to put in the hard work.

Colin MacRae

As Chief Engineer on the Parsifal III, Colin MacRae‘s job may just be the most important to ensure a successful charter season. As a Chief Engineer, Colin is expected to manage his own team to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the vessel. This includes checking the main propulsion and auxiliary system on board, as fans watched Colin do during the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 premiere. Basically, Colin is expected to have the deck toys, engine room, and tenders up and running.

While Colin has been on the show for three seasons, he has usually flown under the radar. When he was dating his long-time girlfriend, Colin liked to sit back and watch the rest of the crew’s drama. However, thanks to his crush on Daisy Kelliher, he is now in the thick of it, with viewers loving his storyline. Colin is funny yet unassuming, which makes him a joy to watch on the small screen.

Mads Herrera

Who knew a junior stew from South Florida would be exactly who was needed to keep Gary King in check? Mads Herrera is a spitfire who isn’t looking for long-term love, instead just a nice, no strings attached hookup. The interior stew has already had some classic one-liners and called Gary too “clingy.” The playboy has finally met his match, as Mads isn’t interested in the First Officer. So far, the best part of their relationship is seeing Gary act out because he isn’t getting the attention he so desperately craves.

Mads is her own MVP, as she is happily showing viewers of Below Deck Sailing Yacht that they don’t need to follow a guy around like a puppy dog, instead teaching them to stand up for themselves. While Mads may not realize she has become a Bravo feminist icon, she is giving life to every episode, especially ones where she mocks Gary for coming on too strong.

Lucy Edmunds

Below Deck Sailing Yacht needed Lucy Edmunds this season, as her bubbly personality has been exactly what the captain ordered. Originally from Wales, Lucy has flown under the radar, but when she does appear, she makes herself known.

Not only has she put deckhand Chase Lemacks in his place, but she also doles out some great advice. However, Lucy’s best characteristic is her ability to rally after falling out of the top bunk.


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