Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9: Who Is New Stew Bri Muller?

Bri Muller
Photo Credit: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo
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Bri Muller is joining the cast of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9 as a stew. She’s coming on board with experience and with fire. She’s also my wild card for this season. To be perfectly clear, I just can’t tell whether or not Bri is going to survive this entire go-round.

I’m already seeing some rough edits of her time spent onboard the motor yacht Mustique. That said, perhaps the editors just tossed Bri a dirty bone in their sneak peek edits. Due to a rather toxic Season 8, BDM became hard to watch, so this franchise now has a long road to go in luring its viewers back. Drama helps, therefore, I’ll cut Bri some slack here, for now.

While we all wait to see how Bri fares, let’s ask the questions that are not as difficult to answer. Such as, who is this stew on Below Deck Med? And why is my gut still telling me that Bri might be the yachtie to keep our eyes on during Season 9?

Bri’s job experience

According to her Bravo bio, Bri’s coming on board with three years of yachting experience. However, my red flags are once again waving, because out of this entire crew, Bri’s the only one that doesn’t have a headshot attached to her section.

That said, she’s not green, which is a huge positive for her crew. Before arriving on this series, Bravo asked Bri to recall one of her wildest charter guest stories so far. However, as only a discreet, seasoned pro could, she refused to give up a full answer.

“So many crazy things have happened that crazy stories for other people are just normal day-to-day occurrences for me. I’d probably end up with a lawsuit if I had to tell you,” she teased.

She didn’t falter though when asked about her favorite places to work as a yachtie. “On charter, my favorite place has been the U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands. I got to swim with dolphins and snorkel in my free time… a literal dream,” Bri gushed.

Making it pretty clear that she’s no stranger to this industry, Bri also quipped about her sea legs, and how her land legs take a bit of time to readjust after each charter season ends. “Believe it or not, but land sickness is a thing after spending a lot of time on a yacht. Your world rocks for maybe three days after hopping off the boat,” this new Bravo stew stated.

Fun facts from Bri’s preference sheet

Before she throws caution to the wind and appears on our television screens, Bri filled out a preference sheet of sorts for the network. In this, we can all get a better glimpse of who Bri might be, both on and off-air. I love this for us.

Hailing from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Bri was born on April 22. This makes her a Taurus, which, same. Apparently, we’re a stubborn ole bunch. On this, I say,  “nuh uh” and “shut up,” because the truth is, we’re just loudly wanting others to know about how we’re likely right, in every single situation.

As for what Bri likes to do when not standing correct, she penned “Anything that involves getting in the water, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, tubing, going down slides and jumping off the sun deck.” If you ask me then, Bri’s found her perfect career.

Even still, should BDM Season 9 completely make her loathe this entire industry, she’s got other skills that will help to see her through. “I did a course on manicures and pedicures, but never got the certification due to lack of time before yachting again. I can do nails, though,” Bri revealed.

On her Instagram page, Bri’s posts are mainly filled with her travels and her time spent with great friends. “Chasing summer for the rest of my life,” she penned in one, further showing that where there’s a plane ticket, she’s in. Hopefully though, a plane ticket will not be arriving for her via an early exit on BDM.

What the sneak peek teases about Bri

In the sneak peek for Below Deck Med Season 9, Bri first appears walking up to the yacht, dressed for comfort. She doesn’t appear again until a little bit of girl drama arises. Not shockingly, this drama involves a man. No man is worth fighting over, I whispered aloud into the void.

In this though, Bri’s sitting on Elena Dubaich’s bunk. Here, her fellow stew is lying down, explaining to Bri that she’d “made it abundantly clear that” she “was interested in Joe.” At this, the cameras cut to Bri in a confessional. She’s smiling, but she only states “Mm-hmm.”

Then, Bri’s spotted again, talking to Captain Sandy Yawn. “She purposely didn’t do the cabins,” Bri reveals to her boss, right before things transition to Bri, now working solo in the laundry room. However, Elena enters and approaches Bri, saying “Your lack of experience shows.”

Bri then breaks down, but the drama continues. “If you’re going to keep pushing me, I will explode,” she later says to Elena. Aesha Scott then comes into view, crying on the dock, clearly stressed out over her time spent on BDM Season 9.


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