Bella Thorne ridiculed for claiming she was the 'first' to join OnlyFans

Former Disney star Bella Thorne is once again being chastised for actions surrounding her OnlyFans account. When Thorne joined OnlyFans back in August, she broke a record by earning $1 million on her first day. In less than a week, she made $2 million. Seemingly due to her unprecedented success, OnlyFans changed some of its policies. The platform limited tips, set price caps and further spaced withdrawals for creators. Many criticized the actress for exploiting a platform that has carried struggling sex workers through the pandemic. And if that backlash wasn’t bad enough, Thorne recently made things worse for herself. On Dec. 13, she took to her Instagram Stories to paint herself as a martyr and trendsetter of sorts. “Legit everyone in my news feed following in my footsteps,” she added with an exaggerated eye roll. “But when I was getting heat y’all were scared”. People didn’t respond well to Thorne’s claims. “Bella Thorne is one of the top 10 villains of 2020,” one viral tweet said