Bella Thorne fans blast Bill Maher for ‘insensitive’ podcast interview

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 (Club Random Podcast/YouTube)
(Club Random Podcast/YouTube)

Bella Thorne’s fans are criticising Bill Maher for being “insensitive” towards the actor when she spoke about her anxiety.

On Monday’s (11 April) episode of Club Random Podcast, actor Thorne revealed details of her health issues and “crippling anxiety” and how she “fell into weed” as a result of it.

“Weed has really changed my life,” she said.

Maher then questioned the Time Is Up star, saying: “What is it with you kids and anxiety?”

“What is causing all the anxiety?” he asked.

Thorne attempted to explain, saying that there’s “constant bad, bad, bad everywhere you look”, when Maher interrupted her by saying that it was a “disingenuous argument” and that her generation “doesn’t know what’s going on in the world”.

“So how can you be that f***ing concerned about what’s going on in the world?” he questioned. “I know what’s going on in the world! I should have the anxiety! I follow it, you kids don’t follow it. You don’t know what the f*** is going on in the world! What are you upset about? What is the world’s problem?”

Thorne replied saying: “I think it’s definitely things that we know what’s going on. We don’t always necessarily always know the full story 100 per cent, but yeah we’re seeing it, we’re hearing it, [and] we’re vocal about it.”

Soon after the interview aired, many fans called out Maher for having “no empathy” toward sensitive issues.

“It’s truly low to poke fun at someone’s emotional and mental struggles,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another person added: “Sometimes @billmaher says and does things that are dead right but THIS is disgusting. Show some damn empathy.”

Raw Story editor Bob Brigham wrote: “‘I know what’s going on in the world!’ is the funniest thing Bill Maher has said in a very long time.”

“As someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life, this makes me incredibly angry. And it makes me hate him even more. How dare he,” another person wrote.

The Independent has contacted Maher’s representatives for comment.

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