Behold one man's quest to build the perfect little house for a neighborhood frog

A tree frog sits on a curb, perhaps dreaming of one day owning a frog mansion of its own.
A tree frog sits on a curb, perhaps dreaming of one day owning a frog mansion of its own.

In early October of last year, an Australian TikTok user who goes by Dazza decided to create a tiny shelter for a frog he saw hanging out in a hollow fence pole outside his home. Now, several months and many increasingly complex redesigns later, his work is (probably) finished.

A compilation video tracks Dazza’s work over nearly half a year of frog architecture. It begins with him designing and 3D printing the first house, which is a humble little hut with a tiny porch. While this would be more comfort than most frogs could expect, the video received a flood of comments criticizing the lack of additional comforts provided for the little creature, spurring on renewed efforts.

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Dazza continued his work to better house the tiny amphibian since named Frodrick (or Frod). New versions of the home expanded to include features like a swimming pool, decorative plants and an accompanying pond, an escape hatch for when local possums come on by, and bug-attracting lights. These improvements worked so well that Frodrick ended up inviting frog friends over and, eventually, breeding a whole new bunch of frog babies (which received a special “tadpole ramp”). The possums that first seemed like a threat ended up not only leaving their potential meals alone, but actually started hanging out and having their kids at the house, too.

In order to meet demand for frog updates, Dazza created a Twitch channel that livestreams footage of his amphibious pal. (At the time of writing, Frodrick is sitting motionless on a bit of fence just outside his mansion, contemplating unknowable froggy thoughts.) He’s also put his line of frog houses—about $80 USD—up for sale as well, which is perfect for anyone out there who might like to attract a veritable Old Testament plague of frogs to their own fences.

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