Behold! Jenna Ortega, Hot Ones hero, unflinching master of the devil's wings

Jenna Ortega's a tough sonovagun. She can power through COVID to dance like everyone's watching. She can survive Ghostface, at least once. She can even eat the hottest devil wings without so much of a whimper.

On the latest episode of Hot Ones, where celeb's taste buds go to die, Ortega stared the Scoville scale right in its nonexistent face and won. YouTubeYouTube | First We Feast Jenna Ortega Doesn’t Flinch While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

First We Feast Jenna Ortega smiles on 'Hot Ones'

Host Sean Evans has broken wings with everyone from Lizzo to Kevin Bacon, but Ortega may just be the coolest cucumber he's met thus far.

"I'm feeling pretty confident, honestly," Ortega said at the start of the interview. "Typically I can handle my stuff, so I'm curious."

And handle her stuff she did, taking on all ten wings without breaking a sweat. All while fielding questions from Evans about Wednesday, Scream VI, and when she knew she liked to "scare people" ("From a very early age.")

But Ortega admits that one thing has gotten her down, and that was missing certified Bob Ross instructor David Arquette's painting class on the set of the fifth installment of Scream.

"David Arquette in, like, the first week sat us all down in this common room we had in the hotel where we played all the board games, and he taught us how to paint like Bob Ross," Jack Quaid recalled from the Scream reboot set.

"I think I was actually working when people took that class," Ortega said between bites of a level three hot wing. "There have been very few times when I've felt completely defeated. And that is one of them."

Ortega, however, was not defeated by even the hottest hot sauce or by Evans attempting to win a staring contest with someone who doesn't blink for a living.

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