Before You See 'Batman v Superman,' Here's a Reminder of What Happened in 'Man of Steel'

On Friday, Superman will be back in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But it’s been three years since Man of Steel kicked off our new DC Cinematic Universe. Since everyone’s memory has gone to ruin in the digital age, we thought we’d remind you where we left Supes the last time we saw him.

Man of Steel began with the origin story we all know by now: Superman is sent to Earth by his loving parents because Krypton is in its last days. We also meet his first enemy, General Zod, as he fails to take over the planet.

Fast-forward to Clark Kent discovering his origin and the tingling sensation he feels for Lois Lane in arctic Canada. Lois investigates his background and tracks him down but decides, as a journalist, that she’s not going to pursue the most amazing news story in the history of the world, an alien superbeing, because … because.

Then Zod and his little goatee, now freed from prison because of Krypton’s destruction, arrive on planet Earth. Superman voluntarily hands himself over to Zod, presumably to save human life. But then Zod reveals he plans on turning Earth into a new Krypton, which would end human life. So, to save human life, Superman fights back — and winds up killing human life.

Seriously, a lot of people get hurt. Superman indiscriminately plows Zod through Smallville and Metropolis. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s dozens of buildings with people in them crashing down! Then we see Superman, a hero so pristine his enemies derisively call him Boy Scout, snap the neck of his enemy. Great. Then, after leveling a city, he tells the military to trust him. Sure, dude.

The movie ends with Clark getting a job as a journalist at the Daily Planet. How did a person with zero experience in journalism get a job at one of the most important newspapers in the world? Who knows!

Will Superman make out with Lois Lane while people scream in agony again? Will Superman end the livelihood of another trucker? All these questions and more will be answered in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Maybe.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens Friday.

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