‘Beef’ Star Ashley Park Hospitalized In ICU Suffering From ‘Critical Septic Shock’

‘Beef’ Star Ashley Park Hospitalized In ICU Suffering From ‘Critical Septic Shock’
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"Emily in Paris" star Ashley Park recently revealed a life-threatening health scare during a New Year vacation in Thailand. Tonsillitis escalated into "critical septic shock," causing organ infection.

The actress opened up about the near-death experience and expressed gratitude for her boyfriend, Paul Forman's unwavering support during ambulance rides and hospital stays. Park reassured friends, family, and fans about her recovery while thanking healthcare professionals.

'Emily In Paris' Star Ashley Park Reveals That She Almost Died 

‘Beef’ Star Ashley Park Recalls Near-Death Experience That Left Her In 'Excruciating Pain'
Instagram | Ashley Park

In a recent Instagram post, Park opened up about her near-death experience while in Thailand. The actress shared that she was in "excruciating pain" and was confused before finally going into the "intensive care."

Sharing her struggles alongside photos from her hospital bed, Park wrote: "As I sit here processing and recovering from the first few weeks of 2024, the only word I can think of is grateful."

She continued, "While on holiday in December into New Year, what started as tonsillitis spiraled into critical septic shock, which infected and affected several of my organs. I am grateful that my health has improved despite what we had initially been told."

Ashley Park Thanks Boyfriend Paul Forman For Being 'Unconditionally' At Her Side

‘Beef’ Star Ashley Park Recalls Near-Death Experience That Left Her In 'Excruciating Pain'

In her post, Park expressed gratitude for her boyfriend, Paul Forman, thanking him for being "unconditionally" by her side during her recent health crisis.

She credited him for calming fears and being by her side through ambulance rides, foreign hospitals, ICU stays, and more, writing: "You calmed my fears and held me through ambulances, three foreign hospitals, a week in the ICU, scary ERs, countless scans and tests and injections, excruciating pain, and so much confusion all while we were alone on the other side of the world far from those we know. I love you, Paul. More than I can ever say."

Professing love for Forman, she added, "I can't believe we spend the first weeks of our 2024 in the ICU and hospitals. I'm the luckiest for having you Paul... by my side through the painful and scary parts of life as well as the joy."

The "Joy Ride" star also thanked "every doctor and ICU nurse who worked tirelessly" before adding that she hesitated to share what was happening as "I'm still in the throes of recovery… but I now know I'm safely on the other side of the worst."

However, she reassured her friends, family and fans, adding: "I love you all. I'm healing and I promise I'm gonna be okay."

Celebrities Send Well-Wishes To Ashley Park

‘Beef’ Star Ashley Park Recalls Near-Death Experience That Left Her In 'Excruciating Pain'

Following Park's revelation about her health scare, her Instagram post received an outpouring of support from celebrities and co-stars.

"Emily In Paris" co-star Lily Collins wrote: "I can hardly look at these without crying. I love you, sister, and I'm forever grateful you're on the other side of this and for Paul for your incredibly huge heart and for being there every step of the way. I cannot wait to hug you both."

Influencer and comedian Elyse Myers commented: "Oh my god Ashley I had no idea you were going through this, I am so sorry!!! I am so grateful for the medical team that is surrounding you and helping you make a full recovery!!"

Donatella Versace added: "Sending you so much love. Feel better soon."

Natasha Bedingfield also wrote: "That must have been terrifying. I know about hospitals. Drs and nurses are incredible. So much love to you and glad you're on the mend."

Ashley Park On How She Didn't Let Cancer 'Define' Her

‘Beef’ Star Ashley Park Recalls Near-Death Experience That Left Her In 'Excruciating Pain'

Having faced health challenges before, Park has spoken out about overcoming cancer at 15. She revealed that she was a teenager when she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and spent nearly a year in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy.

This experience inspired her to examine her approach to health and wellness, and she became determined not to let cancer define her.

The "Beef" actress shared with Shape magazine, "Once cancer physically left my body, I made it my mission to not let it affect my life. I didn't want it to define me. People were so worried about me, and I became the person who was like, 'I'm fine. Don't worry about me. I am going to go after what I want and just do it.'"