Becky G Is a Beachside Mambo Baddie in New ‘Arranca’ Video With Omega

becky-g-rca.jpg becky-g-rca - Credit: RCA
becky-g-rca.jpg becky-g-rca - Credit: RCA

Becky G heads to the warm waters of the Caribbean coast for her new single “Arranca.” On Friday, the Mexican-American reggaetón singer dabbled in mambo and merengue with her newest single — and she had Dominican heavyweight Omega’s “blessing” for the track.

“What are you doing? Why are you calling? Without me, you’re not having such a great time,” she sings in the chorus over tropical sounds. “Your fake love won’t hurt me another summer. Put on your tires and take off to hell.”

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The ready-for-summer track sees Becky singing atop a boat and inside the clear blue water as the video captures Dominican locals having fun on the Boca Chica beach. Omega then comes in for his verse, rapping from a beach-themed backdrop.

Becky G told Remezcla that making the song with Omega felt “full circle” since he was one of the first artists to encourage her to foray into singing in Spanish.  “I’m really thankful for him,” she told the outlet. “[Producer A.C. Castillo] said, ‘I feel like this song is so amazing, but what I feel would take it to the next level is if got one of our icons to get on the song and give it the blessing.’”

The singer recorded the music video for the song in Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic and featured an all-women production team, including the video’s director Karla Read.

“It could have been so different to take ‘Hollywood’ to the D.R. But instead, I just brought myself to the D.R. and enjoyed everything that they had to offer,” she said. “I really lent my platform. It was so beautiful. I was so humbled by the experience.”

This is Becky’s second release of the year, after joining the Mexican-American band Fuerza Regida for corrido tumbao “Te Quiero Besar.” The track was perhaps the first taste of an upcoming regional Mexican music album.

“The songs are also a 200 percent representation,” she told Remezcla. “There’s half of it that’s more inspired by a traditional regional Mexican sound, and then we have another half of it that’s very much new school. It’s so emotional.”

Following the release of her album Esquemas last year, Becky spoke to Rolling Stone about being willing to experiment with her music.

“Growing up in L.A. is one of my greatest inspirations because there’s so much on every corner — culture, languages, food, and especially music. You can hear different sonics in the production, down to the melody, and each song has a space of its own,” she said. “That’s one thing I think is so unique about my experience in the industry: I did start singing in English, then went to Spanish, then went to both. So it was like the reverse crossover, then the crossover [laughs]. But I love that each song is a body of its own.”

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