Bebeboy's New Music Video Will Have You Watching It “MORE TIMES”

Megan Ebreo
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Toronto hip-hop and R&B artist Bebeboy is out with a new video for “MORE TIMES,” a track from his latest album 2SWEET.

The music video, shot and directed by Nino Luey, brings some heat with seductive and sensual visuals. Bebeboy said that the visual production for this song was a different experience and a more intimate vibe than previous videos he has released. The clips captures love, lust, and attraction as shots of him getting mighty intimate with a girl flash on screen.

While working together, Bebeboy and Luey both had a vision to make the visuals super classy with a sexy edge to it. “We were inspired by Quentin Tarantino movies and decided to take that kind of approach in the way it was filmed and colourway,” Bebeboy tells Complex Canada.

When writing the original record, the guitar melody immediately caught the artist's attention. “I felt like there was so much pain and emotion in the melody—it was the perfect canvas for me at the time,” he said.

Watch Bebeboy’s music video for “MORE TIMES” above.

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