Beau Willimon On Donald Trump: “POTUS Must Be Removed From Twitter”

House Of Cards creator Beau Willimon shared a 16-point argument as to why Donald Trump should be removed from Twitter after his latest “tantrum.” Earlier this morning, Trump alleged that Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the presidential race. “Today’s tantrum is just the latest example of why @realDonaldTrump & @POTUS must be removed from @Twitter,” Willimon tweeted.

Adding that being the President of the United States comes with “a supreme and unique responsibility unlike any other user,” Willimon wrote that Trump’s tweets have a “real and significant impact on the business of governance, world affairs and national security.”

“President Trump has consistently made misleading claims, attacked the judiciary and threatened sovereign states, the press and public,” he continued. “His tweets recklessly bypass diplomatic channels without consultation from the State Department, IC or the Pentagon. Even as a private citizen it is arguable that he has violated Twitter rules regarding violent threats, harassment and hateful conduct. Certainly in the unique position of @POTUS the repercussions and intimations his tweets cross these lines.”

Willimon also expressed how today’s outburst “is broadcasting to foreign leaders his continuing impulsiveness, recklessness, delusion and ignorance about government.” Adding, “That makes Trump’s tweets a national security threat. It emboldens our enemies to take advantage of his flagrant shortcomings.”

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He also pointed out that if people argue that removing his account is “violation of free speech” to consider how the White House “has retaliated against the press by selectively locking them out, called them ‘the enemy of the people’ and ignored hard questions.”

“But with his behavior on this service, Trump makes the argument for himself being a liability to the people,” Willimon continued. “The President is free to say whatever he wants, and has many of ways of doing so, but no private company owes him an outlet. While you cannot prevent the President from saying reckless things elsewhere, Twitter is not obligated to facilitate that here.”

Addressing Twitter, he concluded: “In fact, with your worldwide reach and impact on the media, you have a duty to steer clear of accounts facilitating national security threats. Twitter is amazing. It connects the world. That comes with its own responsibility: to do your part in protecting that world.”

This isn’t the first time Willimon has spoken out about POTUS. He previously tweeted a 25-point, anti-Trump “Declaration of Resistance,” calling for the President’s impeachment.

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