BBC Gladiators fans call for THESE changes for the second BBC series (and one challenge has to go)


The current season of the BBC's Gladiators reached its climax last night, with Marie-Louise and Finlay reaching the top spots.

Gladiators concluded last night (Saturday, 30th March) and saw four contestants, Bronte, Finlay, Marie-Louise and Wesley, battle it out in the grand finale.

Fans took to social media to express their positive take on the grand finale, but there are a few changes Gladiators viewers would like to see take place in the next series - with one challenge in particular that they'd like to see go.

'It has been great having #Gladiators back,' wrote one fan on X (formerly Twitter), before adding, 'Sad it is all over but since it is coming back for a new season, please change the hosts.

'We need fun and energy in that department. Get Micah Richards on the phone.'

Another fan of the BBC show agreed, 'Overall I liked the Gladiators. I feel some minor changes would improve it even more next year but can't wait for the return!!'

While another wrote, 'Definitely a few changes needed for the second series, but overall I've absolutely loved #Gladiators. Been so long since there's been a decent Saturday night entertainment show.'

Gladiators viewers have also been very vocal on social media about one challenge in particular that producers should get rid of — the Gauntlet.

The same tweeter then added, 'It's cute that they're still presenting the Gauntlet as a challenge when I'm almost 100% certain that every single contender, bar one, has gotten the full 10 points on it this series.'

While another said, 'What’s the point of Gauntlet? Surely the producers have noticed it’s too easy by now?'

Other fans of the show went into detail about what other changes should be made, with another writing, 'I’m happy the BBC took the risk and resurrected Gladiators.

'Also keeping it close too the original was a good move But now we know a second series is on its way, there are a few changes I think would help.'

They then added the following points in the comments section, '1. There has too be a bigger range of games, introducing some of the classics is needed.

'2. Please think about bringing back some of the classic game theme music

'3. The Gladiators need a training camp like the OGs too train all events. When contenders look better you know something wrong

'4. Lose locker room chat, cringy

'5. Personally think there are a few Gladiator that could easily be dropped ( no names ) and some new blood introduced

'6. CHANGE the footwear. It has affected the outcome of too many matches.'

Watch this space to see if the Gauntlet makes it through to series two.

Stay tuned for all the news on the second season of Gladiators on BBC1.