BB-8 Pumpkin: Exactly What Your Porch Needs This Fall

·Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

Halloween is still more than three weeks away, but the competition for Most Ingenious Pumpkin of 2015 is over.

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A Canadian father of four named Daniel Hoogkamp wins that honor for posting these photos of a jack o’ lantern painted and carved in the form of Star Wars: The Force Awakens droid (and fan sensation) BB-8.

Despite a new director, castmembers, and all kinds of creatures in The Force Awakens, it’s been the adorable droid BB-8 that’s most tickled fan fancies since the movie’s first trailer hit last fall. In the months since, we’ve seen DIY videos on how to build your own BB-8, fandemonium over the release of the official remote-controlled toy, and endless YouTube videos made featuring creative ways to play with said toy.

A BB-8 pumpkin then, was probably inevitable, but we’re still raising our lightsabers to Mr. Hoogkamp for making it a reality. Others, of course have already followed suit:

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