Baywatch’s Donna D’Errico Nods Back To Her Iconic Red Swimwear In Her First TikTok Post

 Donna D'Errico during original Baywatch run, blonde hair.
Donna D'Errico during original Baywatch run, blonde hair.
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Donna D’Errico was popular in the ‘90s for playing Donna Marco on the hit series Baywatch. Now, she’s making a comeback thanks to her popular social media accounts and OnlyFans career. She still knows her way around a red swimsuit, however, and recently shared a bikini look harkening back to the famous suit she used to wear on TV.

Of course, these days D’Errico is more apt to rock a bikini than a one piece, but red is still very much her color. This week, she posted her first ever TikTok– a look at a suit from her new line of swimwear that also references her swimwear past. It’s difficult to believe the Baywatch star is old enough to be putting together a line of bikinis for women over 50, but at 54, she’s the perfect age to promote swimwear to make ladies of any age feel confident. Take a look.


I’ve had this account for awhile and never posted anything. Here’s my first post. I hope you like it.

♬ Ojai - Ray LaMontagne

The video was cross-posted on Instagram and if you wondered why she didn’t include her face in it, the actress confirmed to a commenter she shot the video herself and she wanted to make sure to highlight how great the bikini would look. She responded to a commenter asking where her “beautiful eyes” are, answering:

Right above my nose but my head got cut off trying to make sure I got the whole bikini in the shot.

The bikini post is coming just a few months after the Baywatch actress was trolled on Instagram, as well. The actress and model was told she was “too old to wear a bikini” and she begged to differ. She responded, noting in a second bikini post that she can “wear and do whatever” she wanted.

A slew of similar posts followed, but this is the closest look the actress has given us to her OG character Donna Morgan, helped by the fact that she recently chose to go back to blonde after rocking a brunette hairstyle in recent months. While she has still been getting some hate from “Karens” (as she called then) online for her posts, Donna D’Errico previously said she’s feeling “sexy as hell” and has no plans to stop soon.

So I’m having fun right now and I feel sexy as hell. Men are complimenting me and I’m eating it up. Let me live. When I’m 80 I’m going to look back and be so happy I did this while I was hot.

She’s not the only Baywatch star over 50 to rock out in swimwear recently, as Carmen Electra has also had her fair share of swimwear posts recently. Seriously, it’s like these ladies never age. It’s no wonder Electra also recently revealed she’d be happy to film new episodes of Baywatch if someone was interested –with one or two conditions – and with the beach bods the ladies are presenting, I believe they could successfully pull off returning to the Baywatch cast as fit lifeguards, even if it has been decades.