BattleBot Makes Drone Explode Using Unlikely Weapon

There was an epic battle on BattleBots when HyperShock shocked Team Whyachi with a secret weapon for its flame-throwing drone, The Dragon. And while most of the battlebots’ weapons are made of expensive, military-grade alloys, HyperShock grabbed theirs for less than 20 bucks at a hardware store.

HyperShock decided to attached a lawn rake to one of the battlebot’s fighting arms, saying, “This is our drone smiting device. It’s good for getting drones out of the sky. It’s also good for leaves.”

While everyone laughed at the crudely attached device, it worked perfectly. Shortly into the bout, HyperShock struck the fire-breathing drone out of the air and threw it to the floor of the arena. After ramming the fallen drone, HyperShock ruptured the flame thrower’s fuel tank, and the drone exploded.

HyperShock went on to defeat Team Whyachi and will move on to the tournament’s sweet sixteen round.

BattleBots airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

See what announcers dubbed “Best Move Ever” on BattleBots:

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