Batman V Superman: Joker Easter Egg in New TV Spot

Screenshot 2016-02-07 162822
Screenshot 2016-02-07 162822

During the newly-released Turkish Airlines ads timed to coincide with Super Bowl Sunday, the cities of Gotham City and Metropolis in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice got explored a bit, along with shots of their most famous corporate citizens, Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor.

Another familiar name that gets dropped, albeit a bit more subtly? Ace Chemical, the company where The Joker was born.

The Ace Chemical Processing Plant, which first appeared in the comics in 1951, was where a criminal known as the Red Hood was knocked into a vat of chemicals by a young, inexperienced Batman, turning him into The Joker.

The plant was featured in 1989's Batman (as Axis Chemicals instead of Ace), and will reportedly be a setting used in Suicide Squad later this year, as well.

This isn't a new way to create environments in the DC movie universe; Man of Steel saw a number of companies hidden as background Easter eggs, including Wayne Enterprises, LexCorp and Blaze Comics, the publishers of Booster Gold's print adventures.