Batman: Arkham Knight's leaked Robert Pattinson Batsuit is real, but it's now a timed Switch exclusive

 Batman: Arkham Knight.
Batman: Arkham Knight.

The long-awaited Robert Pattinson Batsuit for Batman: Arkham Knight is officially real, but the only place you can get it for now is in the upcoming Arkham Trilogy collection on Switch.

The suit, inspired by Pattinson's appearance as the caped crusader in the 2022 film The Batman, made its official debut at the end of the new Batman: Arkham Trilogy Switch launch trailer. It looks exactly as you'd expect it to, and will be perfect for when you need to look even broodier than usual. While it's being announced as part of the trilogy collection, it looks like the suit will only be available in Arkham Knight.

Batman: Arkham Trilogy hits Switch on December 1. The end card of the trailer notes that the suit will be available "first on Nintendo Switch," before "arriving in Batman: Arkham Knight on other platforms at a later date." There's no indication of which platforms, specifically, will get the new suit, but an update to the Epic Games Store version on PC earlier this year briefly made it available for everyone there.

The Batman: Arkham trilogy consists of some of the best superhero games ever made, but developer Rocksteady has been moving in a controversial new direction for its long-awaited follow-up. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has some major live service elements, and after a big backlash to its first gameplay debut the game was substantially delayed and is now due to launch on February 2, 2024.

The Batman 2 is due to hit theaters in October 2025.