'Batgirl' Leslie Grace calls herself 'my own damn hero' after film is shelved

Leslie Grace is speaking out about Warner Bros. scrapping Batgirl.

Following the studio's news Tuesday that it won't release the film on HBOMax or in theaters, the film's star stayed positive in a message to fans.

(Screenshot: Leslie Grace via Instagram)
Leslie Grace stayed positive in a message to fans about Batgirl. (Screenshot: Leslie Grace via Instagram)

"On the heels of the recent news, about our movie Batgirl, I am proud of the love, hard work and intention all of our incredible cast and tireless crew put into this film over 7 months in Scotland," wrote Grace, the 27-year old playing the film's title character. "I feel blessed to have worked among absolute greats and forged relationships for a lifetime in the process!"

The end of her message a message "to every Batgirl fan": "THANK YOU for the love and belief, allowing me to take on the cape and become, as Babs said best, 'my own damn hero!' #Batgirl for life!"

The actress, known for her role in In the Heights, shared photos and videos from behind the scene with the post. She also shared comic featuring Batgirl talking about finding "another path" that is uniquely mine" and "not a fate that begins and ends on one page."

(Screenshot: Leslie Grace via Instagram)
(Screenshot: Leslie Grace via Instagram)

Batgirl directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah released their own statement earlier in the day reflecting on their disappointment that the DC Comics adaptation was shelved.

"We are saddened and shocked by the news," the statement read. "We still can't believe it."

"As directors, it is critical that our work be shown to audiences, and while the film was far from finished, we wish that fans all over the world would have had the opportunity to see and embrace the final film themselves. Maybe one day they will insha'Allah."

The pair, who are behind Bad Boys for Life and Disney+'s Ms. Marvel, showed appreciation to the "amazing cast and crew," also including Michael Keaton —who reprised his role as Batman, J.K. Simmons and Brendan Fraser. They praised Grace for portraying Batgirl/Barbara Gordon "with so much passion, dedication and humanity."

Batgirl, which already wrapped production, cost an estimated $90 million to make. While it was intended to be a direct-to-HBO Max release, executives reportedly decided to axe it because they felt it "simply did not work" despite costly reshoots. The New York Post reported that during test screenings, the film was poorly received. Variety reported that a benefit of a tax credit for not releasing the film was also a factor.