‘Bates Motel’: 5 Creepiest Mother-Son Moments


Norma and Norman Bates have an interesting relationship on Bates Motel, and by interesting we mean creepy. To commemorate the beginning of Season 4, we take a look at the five creepiest mother-son moments between the two.

5. Norma undresses in front of her son

What makes this moment even worse is when Norma says, “I’m your mother. It’s not like it’s weird or anything.”

4. Norma and Norman spoon in bed

There’s a big difference between sleeping in the same bed and spooning, and that line is definitely crossed.

3. Norma reveals she was raped by her nrother

This can be filed under: too much information.

2. Norman watches his mother sleep

He also caresses her, for good measure.

1. Norma and norman share a kiss

There are familial kisses, and there are strange, passionate, open-mouth kisses. This kiss most certainly falls into the latter category.

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