Bartender Recalls Alaia Baldwin’s Used-Tampon Incident Before Assault Arrest

Feature Bartender Says Alaia Baldwin Flings Used Tampon in Her Face Before Arrest
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Bartender Haleigh Cauley detailed the “nasty” incident allegedly involving Hailey Bieber’s older sister, Alaia Baldwin Aronow — and a used tampon.

“It was a hot mess,” Cauley told Us Weekly exclusively on Friday, March 1, after news broke that Aronow, 31, had been arrested for assault.

Cauley was bartending at Club Elan in Savannah, GA, on Saturday, February 24, she says, when security informed her that there “was an intoxicated female” — who has since been identified as Aronow — and two friends in the employee restroom.

She remembered asking the three women to leave — noting they couldn’t be in the employee restroom — before noticing that there was vomit in the bathroom sink.

“Her friends said she needed a minute and she said, ‘I need to change my tampon,’” Cauley told Us of Aronow. “She proceeded to stay in the bathroom. I told her again she had to leave and she said, ‘I’m changing my tampon, do you want to see it?’ And flings it up and it smacks my face.”

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After Cauley walked away from the situation, security immediately removed Aronow from the establishment. Cauley alleged that Aronow began flailing her body, her arms “going everywhere,” and claims Aronow hit one guard and “punched” another “in the groin.” Aronow also allegedly pulled out “a clump” of one security guard’s hair.

“[She] literally had hair in her hand!” Cauley said. “She [was] freaking out.”

Us Weekly confirmed on Friday that Aronow had been arrested and booked on four charges — simple assault, simple battery, battery and criminal trespass — following the alleged altercation.

Bartender Says Alaia Baldwin Flings Used Tampon in Her Face Before Arrest Mugshot
Alaia Baldwin Chatham County Sheriff

A police report obtained by Us stated that Aronow had allegedly assaulted three employees at the club, echoing Cauley’s account. Aronow told police that she had been “defending herself” in the incident. (Aronow did not immediately respond to Us’ request for comment.)

Per Cauley, the alleged friends Aronow had gone to the bar with “were just sitting there watching, not really helping” as the entire incident went down.

Cauley also told Us that she has yet to decide if she plans to press charges against Aronow for the alleged tampon flinging.

“That is a pretty gross thing to do and as an adult you should know better,” Cauley said.