Barry Pops the Question on ‘The Flash’

Just after banishing an army of 100 angry gorillas to a different universe on The Flash, Barry decided to throw caution to the wind and propose to Iris. The two have been fighting to stop Iris’s impending demise that Barry saw in the future.

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He said they both were busy trying to avoid the future. But, he added, “I forgot that there’s always another way. Making the future … our future.”

He then presented a vintage ring and got down on one knee. Barry then took the scenic route, in proposing to Iris, telling of how his grandfather saved up for the ring during World War II, only to propose to his grandmother the moment he returned. Barry ended with, “Iris West, will you marry me?” Though we didn’t get to see Iris’s answer, we did get to see a shocked smile on her face.

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