Barry Keoghan shares The Batman audition tape that landed him the Joker

Barry Keoghan is living proof that sometimes clowning around can lead to big things.

The actor from Eternals and The Killing of a Sacred Deer shared his full audition tape for The Batman for GQ's cover story. The tape has existed in various forms online but hasn't been widely spread.

Keoghan made the tape simply because he heard that The Batman was happening and he wanted to be a part of it. He was originally vying for the role of the Riddler, but at the time it had already been filled by Jonah Hill. Paul Dano would later take over the role.

Keoghan is seen donning a black shirt, pants, bowler hat, and eyeliner with green suspenders. He emerges from an elevator with cane in hand and disappears around a corner. The actor emerges later with a bloody handprint smeared on his face.

Nothing came of this tape initially. Keoghan tells GQ he met with Dylan Clark, one of the film's producers, and urged him to watch the tape, but he didn't hear back for four months. Then he received a call from his agent one night in New York. "The Batman wants you to play the Joker — but you cannot tell anyone," the agent said, according to Keoghan.

Barry Keoghan in his video of his audition tape for Joker in The Batman
Barry Keoghan in his video of his audition tape for Joker in The Batman

BritishGQ/Twitter Barry Keoghan shares his audition tape for 'The Batman' that landed him Joker

Keoghan's Joker appears for mere moments at the end of The Batman, laughing maniacally with Dano's Riddler in prison at Arkham Asylum. But the actor shot a now-deleted scene with Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight.

Keoghan says he hasn't been formally asked to return as Joker for The Batman sequel, but adds, "As soon as that call comes, I'm there man, I'm there."

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