Barry Allen Nearly Ruined His Love Life With Time Travel

The Flash Iris West Barry Allen Valentine's Day
(Image Source: DC / Christian Ward)

Barry Allen and Iris West are one of DC Comics’ longest lasting couples. The two have been together so long it is hard to imagine them not having an easy courtship. However, a story in DC’s How To Lose a Guy Gardner in 10 Days Valentine’s Day anthology shows how The Flash nearly ruined his chance with Iris by rewriting history.

Written and drawn by Marguerite Sauvage, “Too Many First Dates” details Barry Allen and Iris West’s first date. As meticulous in romance as he is in his CSI work, Barry plans out every detail of the event. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for the date to be ruined, beginning with Barry seemingly ditching Iris to fight crime as The Flash.

The Flash Barry Allen bad first date with Iris West
(Image Source: DC / Marguerite Sauvage)

Barry Allen could be forgiven for traveling back in time to prevent the crimes that distract him from Iris. He could even be forgiven for changing the timeline to get the right flowers (Iris was allergic to the ones he brought originally). However, The Flash starts using time travel to correct every awkward moment and accident that comes up.

How Barry Allen Gets His Groove Back

Ultimately, Barry Allen turns to his mentor, the first Flash, Jay Garrick, for advice. Happily married, Jay recalls that his first date with his wife, Joan, was “a catastrophe.” Despite this, the incident was memorable and got them talking to one another, forming the foundation of a solid marriage. Both Jay and Joan advise Barry to not sweat the details.

Barry Allen and Iris West on first date
(Image Source: DC / Marguerite Sauvage)

Barry Allen finds the perfect balance between going with the flow and planning for everything. He still takes the time to fight crime, but doesn’t alter accidents like their server spilling drinks on him and Iris. This leads to a running gag as Barry and Iris are repeatedly soaked. However, being dragged into some kids’ water balloon fight and later getting caught in the rain creates a far more memorable first date than The Flash could have ever planned.

DC’s How To Lose A Guy Gardner In 10 Days is now available at comic shops everywhere.