New Kids on the Block star taps into the '80s for 'Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge'

Former boy-bander turned HGTV star Jonathan Knight looks to his '80s roots for Barbie Dreamhouse inspiration.

Kristina Crestin and Jon Knight of New Kids on the Block fame put an '80s spin on the bedroom in 'Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge.'
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The latest episode of HGTV’s Barbie’s Dreamhouse Challenge figured out a great way to add some 1980s flair to the design: include a member of an iconic '80s band like New Kids on the Block on the show.

Sunday marked part two of the four-part event series inspired — and sponsored — by the new hit film, Barbie. It’s hosted by supermodel Ashley Graham and features eight teams of two made up of mostly HGTV stars, all drawing inspiration from different decades while working to transform a Southern California home into a Barbie Dreamhouse.

Each episode includes two teams facing off in hopes of being selected as the winner that week, with one team eventually being named the “Dreamiest” of them all during the finale. Not only will the winning team pick up a donation to a charity made in their honor, but they're also playing for one of eight Barbie superfans to win the chance to spend a night in the completed Dreamhouse.

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This week, one of those teams included the hosts of HGTV’s Farmhouse Fixer, Kristina Crestin and Jonathan Knight. The latter of which — described as a “farmhouse fanatic” — is also in the classic boy band, New Kids on the Block.

The New Kids formed in 1984 and broke through with huge hits like You Got It (The Right Stuff) and Hangin’ Tough in 1988 and 1989. So it’s no surprise that Knight and Crestin were given the 1980s as their decade of inspiration for creating Barbie’s bedroom and bathroom.

In the bedroom, the main focal point was a large canopy bed that included a custom-made headboard with a heart carved into it. And since each team is also required to include a “toyetic” feature — similar to those found in Barbie’s actual toy Dreamhouses — the bed also had special lighting and a recorded voice to help talk you to sleep. That voice? Jonathan Knight’s.

The bedroom also included glitter on the ceiling, plenty of pink walls and curtains, and a totally '80s jazzercise corner complete with matching blue and pink weights and exercise bike and the matching workout Barbie doll on display right alongside it.

Their Barbie bathroom also brought some '80s flavor with classic floral print curtains and wallpaper, pink shower glass, some '80s cabinetry and the main eye-catcher: a giant-size version of Barbie’s plastic pink hairbrush.

The judges for the show include designers Jonathan Adler and Tiffany Brooks, along with a guest judge each week that was filled by Entertainment Tonight host Nischelle Turner. They were all wowed by the '80s-themed bedroom and bathroom and praised the team for capturing Barbie of that era.

Knight and Crestin were up against Alison Victoria from Windy City Rehab and her partner, longtime home improvement show host Ty Pennington. They were tasked with creating a 1970s-themed space for Ken, which came equipped with a “party mode” feature that transformed the room into a disco with a light-up dance floor and spinning dance booth.

And while Knight and Crestin were hangin’ tough throughout the episode, they just didn’t quite have the right stuff as the judges crowned Victoria and Pennington as winners of the episode.

Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on HGTV.