Banty's Dr. Richard Tytus Explains Why Telemedicine Can Improve the Timeliness of Patient Care

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TORONTO, Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic, a number of patients have either been unable to enter their doctor's office due to health and safety protocols, or have not tried to visit it out of fear of potentially catching the virus.

Unfortunately, both scenarios can have a detrimental effect on a person's health. By not visiting a doctor's office, these patients run the risk of having a major condition go undetected for too long, or a pre-existing condition not properly monitored.

For the sake of these patients, it is imperative that all medical clinics and healthcare professionals embrace virtual medicine solutions.

According to findings shared by the American Medical Association (AMA), 80% of surveyed respondents said that virtual medicine improved the timeliness of care for their patients. In part, this means the more doctor's make virtual appointments available, the better chance they have at taking care of all their patients in a timelier manner.

Dr. Richard Tytus, Co-Founder and Medical Director of telemedicine solution Banty Inc., uses virtual appointments frequently to meet with his patients. He thinks this method can improve the timeliness of patient care, because:

  • Doctors can give patients a different treatment option: Some patients are still hesitant about visiting a doctor's office for any medical matter they might be facing. By clinic's adopting a reliable, easy, and secure telemedicine solution, these patients will have the opportunity to see their doctor and have a real conversation about what may be ailing them. This will certainly help medical professionals catch a new, or worsening ailment, before it's too late

  • Telemedicine solutions are readily available: Banty Medical is a virtual medicine solution that's been created by doctors and patients, for doctors and their patients. Not only is this product simple to access and operate, but it also respects the privacy of all appointment participants. Doctors get to create a custom Banty room address (i.e., This is the only link a patient will ever need to use to see their doctor. Meanwhile, Banty Medical is HIPAA/PHIPA compliant, while doctor-patient conversations remain secure and confidential thanks to the use of end-to-end encryption

  • Patients have a growing understanding of telemedicine: Even though telemedicine has been around in different formats for a number of years now, the COVID-19 global pandemic made more patients aware of it. As such, many of these individuals will begin to expect their doctor to have such a treatment option. When a practice offers virtual medicine services, individuals who can't take time off of work to travel to and from the doctor's office, can instead get checked out quicker in a video call setting

"Virtual medicine is so convenient and it allows doctors to make sure every patient they have can be cared for in a timely fashion," offers Dr. Tytus. "Adding such a feature to any medical clinic is a surefire way to best monitor the health of all patients."'s video call service offers all subscribers a custom, permanent URL (i.e.,; a secure, end-to-end encrypted meeting space; excellent video quality; unlimited meetings each month; and straightforward scheduling tools.

Banty has a number of solutions that are meant to make it easy to meet with those who matter most to you. (Watch the 'Banty Is Easy' video here:

Today, everyone has a mobile number and an email address. In the near future, everyone will have a Banty room address:

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In order to receive government approval to become a verified medical platform, Banty was upgraded to meet new cyber security standards, making it one of the most secure platforms available. Each day, the Banty team goes above and beyond to ensure the platform remains one of the most secure and innovative virtual meeting solutions in the world.

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