BAM! Bill Maher Vs. Hollywood Superheroes In ‘Real Time’ New Rules

Reciting a long list of Hollywood’s current roster of film and TV superheroes — it’s lengthier than you might think — Bill Maher devoted the bulk of his New Rules segment on HBO’s Real Time last night to battling the country’s dependence on easy solutions and one-man rescues.

Superhero culture, Maher said, “promotes the mind-set that we are not masters of our own destiny and the best we can do is sit back and wait for Star Lord and a f*cking raccoon to sweep in and save our sorry asses. Forget hard work, government institutions, diplomacy, investments — we just need a hero to rise, so we put out the Bat Signal for one man who can step in and solve all of our problems.”

See where this is headed?

“That’s how we got our latest superhero Orange Sphincter,” Maher said, with an illustration of President Donald Trump behind him. “Yes, Orange Sphincter from Planet Asshole.”

The Real Time bit plotted out a cast of secondary characters for the Oval Office hero. There’s “his Alfred,” Capt. Buzzkill, aka Mike Pence; archnemesis Crooked Hillary and her “vile sidekick Private Server.”

So how does Maher’s story end? “We need to be our own superheroes,” he insists.

Take a look at the video above.


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