Balenciaga Unveils Fall 2022 Campaign

·1 min read

Balenciaga has just revealed its Fall 2022 campaign, traveling back in time to the 1990’s as British photographer Nadia Lee Cohen captures the era’s signature effortlessly cool and provocative aesthetic as models Kit Butler, Zuo Chen, Abdou Diop, Bella Hadid, Inti Wang and Lina Zhang pose for her discerning lens alongside singer Aya Nakamura.

This generation’s most sought-after faces break the fourth wall, making intimate eye contact with the viewer, while tenderly embracing one another. The luxury brand’s latest campaign showcases the newly launched Lindsey, Crush and Crocs Bag, as well as the new iterations of the XX, Hourglass, Everyday Tote and Le Cagole. Also featured in the Fall 2022 imagery are a melange of ready-to-wear garments from luxurious robe coats fit for leisure, alongside early aughts-inspired midriff-baring tops, reimagined slip dresses, as well as low-rise pants that bear Balenciaga Underwear, encircled with Double-B buckled belts.

Footwear and denim make a triumphant appearance as the Five-pocket Pantaboots steal the show, while three-piece jeans offer lovers of Balenciaga a miniskirt, pants and boots all at once. Elsewhere in the shoe category, the Spanish brand presents the Excavator Boot, the Kensington Mule, the thigh-high Falkon Boot and the Knife Pump for additional options.

Take a look at the evocative campaign above.