Bad Boys 4 Is Official, See Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Confirm They Messed Up The Title On The Last Movie

 Will Smith and Martin Lawrence walking down street in Bad Boys for Life
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence walking down street in Bad Boys for Life

No one could have predicted the wild box office success that was Bad Boys For Life. The long awaited legacy-quel wowed audiences and raked in a ton of money, just before the world closed down in 2020, and another follow-up has been anticipated ever since. While today’s news isn’t that Bad Boys 4 will be joining the 2023 new movie releases, this latest update is still very positive. Not only are Will Smith and Martin Lawrence coming back for a fourth entry, even they have come around to the fact that they messed up the last movie’s title.

Thanks to the same Instagram post, shared by both Smith and Lawrence, Bad Boys 4 has now been officially announced as happening. For starters, take a look at how Will Smith teased his return to the role of Detective Lieutenant Mike Lowery:

Patience has truly paid off for the Bad Boys fandom, as it was looking a little shaky as to whether or not Will Smith’s Oscar slap would put the kibosh on this one for good. While we still have no idea what the title of this fourth picture will be, or whether or not directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah will be returning, it’s still good news to learn that things are progressing.

Coming after last September’s rather ominous update from Jerry Bruckheimer, it appears that the people who were in charge of making the Bad Boys 4 decision have spoken. Though Bruckheimer’s involvement in the film probably helped seal the deal, as the producer as just scored his first Oscar nomination on behalf of the 2022 box office juggernaut Top Gun: Maverick.

Two hugely successful legacy-quels are now under Jerry Bruckheimer’s belt, another Bad Boys movie feels like a good call to make. That much is true when you go back and look at Bad Boys For Life’s ending, and the giant cliffhanger it left in its mid-credits reveal. Without spoilers, we’ll just say that things could get a bit more complicated for Mike Lowery, if things are leading to where we think they’re heading.

Bad Boys is one of those series that has continually stood as providing some of the best action movies to date. Regardless of how massively mistaken it was to name the third chapter Bad Boys For Life, at least Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have now acknowledged that fact. Which means that they’re probably hard at work trying to come up with one hell of a title to blow the world away with at a later date.

Or better still, maybe that title already exists, and it's being kept secret. No one's telling, and as far as the world is concerned, all we know is that Bad Boys 4 is happening. The rest is waiting patiently undercover, until the situation calls for something more to be revealed.