back number’s ‘I Love You’ to be Featured in New NHK Morning Drama Series

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Japanese pop-rock band back number was tapped to write the theme song for the next NHK morning drama series entitled Maiagare! premiering Oct. 3.

The 107th title in the long line of drama series broadcast in 15-minute episodes on the network, Maiagare! stars Haruka Fukuhara as the heroine who aspires to become an airline pilot as she grows up amongst various people in Higashiosaka — a city known for its craftsmanship — and experiences life on a nature-rich remote island off the coast of Nagasaki.

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The new theme, titled “I Love You,” will be back number’s first song to be featured on the established morning drama series. On the release sharing the news, frontman and songwriter Iyori Shimizu shares: “The TV drama broadcast every morning. The macaroni salad sold at a bento shop in town. The plastic bottle of cider from a vending machine. Cellophane tape bought at a convenience store. We tend to forget because we take them for granted, but all of these things were created by people who took the time, persisted and agonized over it. Someone might have gotten a stomachache from overthinking it,” he notes. “Things like thoughts and love are intrinsically formless, but we probably actually always see and sense them. I’m happy to be a part of this wonderful mass of commitment and love called Maiagare!

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