Back To Black Trailer Reveals Marisa Abela's Amy Winehouse After Viral Set Photos Broke The Internet

 Marisa Abela singing during a concert as Amy Winehouse in Back To Black.
Marisa Abela singing during a concert as Amy Winehouse in Back To Black.
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The tragically short life of the late Amy Winehouse saw the world lose a musical talent before her time. It’s a heartbreaking story that’s the subject of director Sam Taylor Johnson’s upcoming movie Back to Black; which landed actor Marisa Abela in the lead. Now, after those viral set photos broke the internet, we have a full look at Abela’s performance as the unforgettable singer.

A brand new trailer has been released by Focus Features, inviting audiences to “witness the love story that inspired one of the greatest albums of all time.” And right from the start, Marisa Abela is shown embodying the spirit of Amy, as a woman determined to carve her own path with music she truly felt.

So far, the results look to be absolutely uplifting, with a hint of the heartbreak that also played a part in Ms. Winehouse's music. Throughout this first footage of Back to Black, which also shows off co-stars Jack O'Connell, Eddie Marsan and Lesley Manville, the highs and lows intertwine beautifully.

Much like the art of Amy Winehouse, this promises to be an experience that'll take audiences through those good times and bad, intending to show an intimate portrait of an artist that still looms large. And before anyone asks, yes that is Marisa Abela singing as Amy. The actor herself answered that question through an Instagram post sharing the trailer, while also giving this shout out to the following parties:

Yes! Me singing, thanks to my teacher Anne Marie Speed and @mashupmartin

Now that the world has gotten a good look at Back to Black’s treatment of the Amy Winehouse story, it will be interesting to see if the opinions of those who generated the initial backlash against the film have changed their minds. With Winehouse’s father defending Marisa Abell’s performance during the production, the public can now start to better form its opinions of this forthcoming movie.

Seeing how and if minds have been changed is only part of the anticipation for this project’s release though. Looking at what’s in front of us with Back to Black’s first footage, it appears that the story of Amy Winehouse has been carefully crafted and considered in the finished product.

In the end, that’s all anyone familiar with Amy's indelible work and spirit can hope for, as it would truly reflect the art that she mined from her own life. Though there will still be plenty of debate to come over Back to Black and its accuracy, at least there's no doubt that this movie's heart is in the right place.

It might seem like it's been forever since Back to Black's 2022 annoncement made this movie feel like a reality; especially with the Amy Winehouse biopic's extended development period spanning over a decade. But now it won't be long before it starts spinning the life and times of Amy Winehouse, only in theaters, on May 17th.