The Bachelor's Alexa Caves Reveals She's Sexually Fluid: 'To Me This Really Isn't a Big Deal'

Former contestant Alexa Caves is opening about her sexuality after her elimination from The Bachelor.

Caves, who went home after failing to receive a rose from Peter Weber during week three, shared on Instagram that she’s been flooded with questions about her sexuality since the season premiere.

“The amount of people that ask me about my sexuality in my DM’s is crazy,” the 27-year-old wrote. “LOL, I’ve been getting it since the first episode. It is by far the question I get asked the most.”

Alexa Caves' Instagram Story | Alexa Caves/Instagram
Alexa Caves' Instagram Story | Alexa Caves/Instagram

“I’m fluid,” she revealed. “I’ve been with women and I’ve been with men. I’m open minded [sic]. To me this really isn’t a big deal. People in my life know this about me. But I thought that I’d share this because some people are curious and I’m not ashamed of who I am.”

John Fleenor/ABC
John Fleenor/ABC

“I just do my thang,” the Chicago native added.

The esthetician was sent off with fellow contestants Jasmine Nguyen, Alayah Benavidez and Sarah Coffin during the show’s third week — with Benavidez returning the following week.

Eric McCandless/ABC
Eric McCandless/ABC

On Tuesday, PEOPLE shared an exclusive sneak peek of two episodes set to air next week. The teaser shows Weber facing the repercussions of his decision to welcome Benavidez back after she was eliminated following suggestions from other contestants that she’s “fake.”

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“How in the world do I fix this?” he asks himself.

The clip also gives a glimpse of Weber’s infamous forehead injury.

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Speaking to PEOPLE in December and opening up about what really happened, Peter, 28, said it was “just a freak accident” and that he bumped his head on the top of a golf cart.

“As I reacted, I put my head down and brought my hand up, but I had a glass in my hand,” he explained. “[The glass] shattered and ended up slicing my forehead open.”

Production immediately set about arranging medical assistance for him, and the show continued without delays.

“I had an amazing plastic surgeon,” he said. “Thank God he was there to stay open late and sew me up. He did a really good job. And now, I got a good battle scar. It’s a memory that will always remind me of this journey!”

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