'Bachelorette' Fans, Tyler Cameron Has a New Show to Binge Today

going home with tyler cameron
We Chatted All Things Reno with Tyler CameronAnna Webber/Getty Images for Prime Video - Getty Images
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Get ready: There's a new home renovation show to binge.

While you might be used to seeing the Property Brothers and Gaineses on your TV, Amazon Prime Video's latest reality TV show/docuseries, Going Home with Tyler Cameron, features former Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron (yes, that Tyler).

The eight-episode series, which all air on April 18, documents Tyler's journey as he builds his construction and renovation company in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida, after losing his mother. Viewers will see him remodeling everything from his aunt and uncle's multi-million dollar property to a short-term rental and his late mother's home. And as you might have guessed, there will also be a few cameos in the mix; former Bachelor Nation stars Matt James, Rachael Kirkconnell and Jason Tartick. The real kicker? Hannah Brown, the bachelorette who turned down Tyler's proposal, will also make an appearance.

Tyler recently sat down with Good Housekeeping to discuss how to make the renovation process go smoothly and where homeowners should splurge and save. Plus, he reveals some of the home design trends he's loving right now.

tyler cameron, jason tartick
Tyler Cameron gets a hand from former Bachelor Nation star, Jason Tartick.Courtesy of Prime

Good Housekeeping: What surprises most people about renovating a home?

Tyler Cameron: A lot of our clients have a hard time when we're ripping things out and tearing things apart. They don't see how it's all going to come together, so you really need a forward-thinking mind. You have to be able to see what's not there. When we're putting in those finishing touches, arranging all the furniture, that's where the fun and the magic happens.

GH: Is there one tip to ensure the whole process goes smoothly?

TC: When you're going to renovate your place, it's best to live in it for a little while. Feel how you're going to use the space, so you can really plan it out correctly. If you have a real plan, sticking to it will help protect your budget. It won't make it as scary or dreadful.

tyler cameron
Tyler Cameron’s construction and renovation company, Image One, is based in Jupiter, Florida.Michael SeRine/Prime Video

GH: When it comes to a renovation, what spaces should one splurge and save on?

TC: Splurge on the spaces you're going to spend the most time in. For me, it's the primary bedroom and bathroom. But when it comes to a home's resale value, people always say go with the bathrooms, kitchens and closets.

I'm also a big believer that if you're going to live in this space for a long time, you need to build out a little quiet place — your own getaway. In my home, for instance, I opened up the back wall of a room, installed French doors and built a deck that's going to have a sauna, a cold plunge and couches for lounging. We all need that place in our home to just take a breath, get away and recharge.

GH: Are there certain projects homeowners can consider tackling without the help of a professional?

TC: Find some type of wainscoting or paneling that can make a huge difference in a room and make it feel customized. It may take you a few times to figure out the 45-degree cuts, but you start moving pretty fast once you do. You don't really need to hire a professional to do it and paint it. However, when it comes to moving electrical stuff or plumbing, hire a pro. You don't want to wake up to flooding or anything like that. It's not fun. I've been there, done that.

GH: What design trends are resonating with people right now?

TC: We're getting past light colors and grays. People are going for darker, moodier shades. They're going bold with color and taking chances, which is fun.

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