'Bachelorette' fans annoyed by 'change your lives forever' claim made by host Jesse Palmer

During The Bachelorette: Men Tell All episode on Monday, Bachelor Nation was excited to find out what host Jesse Palmer promised to be life-changing news, as the opening of the show had Palmer teasing, "It's a night full of surprises. This news is about to change your lives forever. Are you ready to hear what I'm about to say?"

We were all made to believe it was going to be big, since Palmer also explained to viewers that the post-hometown-dates Rose Ceremony would not be shown this week, due to the fact that there were just "way too many things to get to." Well, shame on us for believing we were going to be shocked and/or surprised.

About halfway into the Men Tell All, Palmer asked the guys if they could use a drink and suggested some champagne. He then pulled out his phone to display an app created by Virgin Voyages, the cruise ship this season's cast traveled on during their journey to win the hearts of Bachelorettes Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia.

The app is specifically designed for guests on Virgin Voyages sailings and, allegedly, with just one tap, guests can order and receive a glass of champagne. Palmer tapped his phone to display the function and out came servers with trays of champagne for everyone in the studio. That's when Palmer finally revealed the big announcement.

"Now, before we do a toast to this season, I do have some news. And, in fact, for all of those of you in this audience, this news is about to change your lives," said Palmer with the key words previously left out being: for all of those in this audience.

"Well, get ready," Palmer continued. "Because our friends at Virgin Voyages are giving every single person in this audience... a free cruise!"

Hard to tell whether or not the studio audience really was thrilled with their surprise as many of them are Bachelor fans and also thought they were going to be finding out something having to do with Gabby, Rachel and their men. And viewers at home definitely felt clowned and severely disappointed after finding out the news that was "about to change their lives forever" actually had nothing to do with them:

The reactions weren't all disappointment, though. Some people were actually low-key enjoying Palmer's Oprah moment, and the studio audience broke out into cheers and applause as Palmer screamed, "You get a cruise! You get a cruise! You get a cruise! You get a cruise! Everybody gets a cruise!"

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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