'Bachelorette' contestant calls Clare 'classless' for making men strip

Things escalated quickly on Tuesday’s “Bachelorette” after Clare Crawley turned a game of “extreme” dodgeball into a game of “strip” dodgeball. Crawley said she wanted to “up the ante” on a game to win a group date with her. Host Chris Harrison asked, “So this tournament is over when the losing team has nothing on?” To which Crawley replied, “Yeah. This is my game, these are my rules.” Most of the contestants were visibly uncomfortable with the request, but agreed to the new rules that required them to take off an article of clothing for every round they lost. Ultimately, the blue team was left completely naked except for one contestant who left his jockstrap on. Viewers blasted the game on Twitter, with one popular tweet reading, “How is this honestly airing in 2020? Can you imagine if a bachelor asked 10 women to completely strip for dodgeball? You can’t? That’s because it’s messed up!” After the losing team joined the rest of the group, a contestant who was not involved in the competition called Crawley out for being “classless.”