Bachelor Zach Shallcross Says ‘There Was Not 1 Moment’ He Doubted He Found The One: ‘The Love Was So Strong’

While many Bachelor and Bachelorette couples have called it quits while the series is airing, Zach Shallcross has all but confirmed season 27 of the ABC series at least ends in a proposal. “I’m very happy and I think fans are gonna be really surprised at the love journey,” the reality star teased to Us Weekly ahead of the January 2023 premiere. During the first episode, Zach noted that he felt like his wife was among the 30 contestants who arrived at the mansion for him. Us subsequently asked Zach whether that feeling changed during production. “That’s a great, great question,” he responded. “To be honest, there was not one moment throughout the entire filming where I wasn't confident that she's in this room.” During an interview with Variety, the Bachelorette season 19 alum noted that “a lot happens” in his “emotional roller-coaster” of a season, but it’s all a “beautiful part of how everything works out.” While Zach told Us that his season won’t feature “dumb drama,” there are plenty of tears in the trailer. “The one thing that fans will know or learn about me is I’m a guy that wears my heart on my sleeve. I don’t try to hide it. I’m an emotional guy,” he told Variety. “Those tears, it comes from a place of never wanting to really hurt anyone, and that’s a hard thing when you’re in this environment where it’s inevitable – like, people will be going home. Without giving too much away, the tears come from a place of just feeling for all the women involved and trying my best to navigate it.” Past Bachelors, including Ben Higgins and Clayton Echard, have fallen in love with more than one woman during their respective season. For Zach, that wasn’t an option. “I feel like the Bachelor world — Bachelor/Bachelorette — they literally coined the different terms of love: ‘Falling in love, in love, I love you.’ For me, yeah, it was something that was definitely in my mind,” he told Us. “I’m someone that believes you have one true love, like, the one person that your heart just yearns for. The one you think of when you go to bed. The one you think of when you wake up. You only have one love, but there are varying degrees of love to get to that point. And your heart knows what it wants. It can get pulled into different directions and that’s something that can happen. But for me, I am a firm believer that there is just that one true love.” The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET. Scroll through for more from Zach: