The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 4 Recap: Mean Girls in the Mediterranean

The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 4 Recap
Photo: Disney/John Fleenor
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Welcome to our recap for The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 4! In this week’s episode, one woman gets to explore Malta with Bachelor Joey Graziadei on the one-on-one date. On the group date, 12 ladies fight for Joey’s love, Game of Thrones style. And in the two-on-one date we all saw coming, two women who’ve been at odds with each other will try to convince Joey that they have a future with him. One will stay, and one will go home to her cats. Here are some of the highlights from The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 4.

Pack your bags, ladies!

The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 4
Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

The morning after the “Pool Party” at the mansion, the ladies are complaining that there was “no party, just a pool.” The drama between Maria and Sydney is stealing all the oxygen.

Kelsay T. says, “Maria’s … intentions are good, but Sydney is very headstrong. She can’t get over it without being right.” Sydney’s cutting her own throat here. Joey is not going to want any part of someone who has to be right all the time.

Jesse Palmer walks into the room where all the women are gathered and screaming ensues. Calm down, ladies. You’re not here to date Jesse. He’s already married.

Jesse tells them, “The good news is this whole thing really is working for [Joey] … The bad news is that you’re not going to be seeing Joey tonight because Joey’s no longer here. Joey’s left Los Angeles, and very soon, all of you will be as well … Pack your bags, ladies, ’cause Joey’s going to be meeting you in Malta.” More screaming. Ay yi yi.

First one-on-one date in Malta

The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 4 recap
Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

Joey’s excited to be in Malta. He says, “By the end of this, I hope to bring someone to the Altah. But before that, we have to hang out in Malta.” Don’t quit your day job, Joey.

The first date card arrives. “Lexi … [long pause] … Let’s explore Malta…” and the rest is lost amid the excited chatter.

Joey’s looking forward to his date with Lexi. “There’s just this honest chemistry connection that we have,” he says. “I’m hopeful she feels the same way.”

They get pastries at a local stall, play some bocce ball with the old men, and dance to a street musician.

Later, Joey and Lexi walk to dinner through the beautiful, glowing streets of Malta. She’s nervous about sharing her health issues with Joey.

Lexi has Stage 5 endometriosis. Even though she had surgery to correct the situation, she may never be able to have children of her own.

Lexi’s only told one other person about her condition. That was her ex, who decided “he couldn’t marry someone who might not be able to have his children.” Wow. What a dick. There are other ways to have a family.

Joey realizes what a difficult confession that was for Lexi. “I’m very sorry that you had to deal with that … I can’t even imagine how hard that is.”

“It doesn’t scare me in any way,” he adds. “There are a lot of other ways to create a family.” She should never feel that there’s something “wrong” with her. There’s so much more to Lexi than her ability to have children. Awwww. I love Joey. What a good guy!

And with that he offers her the rose, and of course, she accepts.

“Love is worth fighting for”

The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 4
Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

Katelyn reads the date card. “Jenn, Daisy, Edwina, Katelyn, Allison, Rachel, Autumn, Kelsey T., Jess, Madina, Lea, Kelsey A.: True love is worth fighting for.” Yikes. That sounds a little intense.

Since Maria and Sydney are the only two whose names weren’t called, they will be going on the dreaded two-on-one date. Maria just wants to focus on Joey and move forward, but Sydney wants to keep the drama going. I hope Joey sees who’s causing the problem here. It’s not Maria.

The next day, the site of the group date was one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones. Joey’s a big fan (so am I). When they walk up the stairs into a large courtyard, there are two knights sword-fighting. Uh oh. This should have been saved for Maria and Sydney. I think Maria could take her.

After being assured that women can also be knights, the ladies change into their costumes. They’re going to battle for extra time with Joey. Thankfully, they’re using wooden swords and not steel. Autumn is the winner and gets some alone time with Joey. Go, Autumn!

At the after party, Daisy has some time alone with Joey. They’re naming their future children, and Daisy comes up with “Ocean” and “Teddi” for their twin girls. Somebody’s a Bravo fan!

Meanwhile, Jess tells Joey she feels their connection getting stronger and says she’s “falling” for him. But when it comes time for the rose, he gives it to Kelsey T. Of course, she’s thrilled to get the rose, while the rest of the girls are sad.

And then there were two

The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 4
Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

Back at the hotel, Lexi sits between Sydney and Maria on the couch (you gotta keep ’em separated), when the date card arrives. Dun dun DUN!

“Sydney and Maria,” Lexi reads. “Meet me on the water. – Love, Joey.”

As Maria and Sydney leave for their two-on-one date, Maria voiceovers, “I’m not a bully. There is a bully in the house, it’s just not me … My approach is just to … be honest, be myself, and hope for the best.”

For her part, Sydney interviews, “Maria is not suitable to be his wife, and I need to get this girl out of here.” Sydney needs to dial back the self-righteousness. Just to make sure we know she’s the villain, ABC adds a clip of her saying, “Spending a whole day with Maria is like spending a whole day with the devil.” Yikes. Harsh!

Joey joins Sydney and Maria on a yacht. He’s on a mission today to find out who’s telling the truth about the bully situation. He doesn’t quite understand what’s happening. He tells them even though it’s kind of a weird date with two of them, they are going to do something fun today. They’re going to the Blue Grotto. Oh, I think I’ve seen this on Below Deck. It’s amazing.

Sydney’s not even trying to have a good time. She’s being such a Karen on the boat ride to the Blue Grotto. While Maria is making the best of things and chatting with Joey, Sydney has such an attitude of being above it all. It’s not attractive.

Maria says that even though she’s trying to be positive and enjoy the day, Sydney is stealing all her energy. “She’s a vampire,” Maria says.

Joey makes his choice

The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 4 recap
Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

Joey asks Sydney to talk first. “I know that I’m the one for Joey,” Sydney voiceovers. This girl is delusional.

He apologizes that things have been uncomfortable. Sydney says that Maria has been repeatedly disrespectful to the other women. “Maria … is not someone you would want [as your wife],” she says.

Joey doesn’t want drama. He’s very confused, so he pulls Maria to talk.

Maria says she left the drama in LA. “I’m here to further what we have,” she tells Joey.

Joey asks if she actually told Lea to STFU, and Maria says, “Absolutely not. I would never say that … It’s such a lie.”

At dinner, Joey asks Sydney if she sees a future with him. Of course, she says yes.

Sitting across the table, Maria voiceovers, “If he wants to give a rose to someone who just lies about me and says what he wants to hear, then he’s not the guy for me.” I agree.

Finally, Joey picks up the rose. He looks at Sydney and says, “I cannot give you this rose.” Yay! And with that, he walks her out.

I think Joey is basically a decent guy. I’m glad he saw through Sydney’s drama. I don’t necessarily see him with Maria either, but I don’t think she deserves the way she’s been treated.

After sending Sydney home to her cats, Joey goes back inside and gives Maria the rose. Immediately afterward, the beautiful strains of “Ave Maria” drift down from the balcony above. One of my favorites. I wonder what the singer would have sung had Sydney been Joey’s choice? Is there a Sydney song? Maybe this one: The Sydney Song.

There’s a new drama queen in town

The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 4
Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

Now that the rivalry between Sydney and Maria is over, the ladies can focus on Joey. Everybody’s hopeful going into the Rose Ceremony.

Feeling secure that she already has a rose, Maria goes into the evening just wanting “everyone to get their time with Joey.” She’s going to ”stay in my own lane … and not ruffle any feathers.”

Lea is somehow offended that people aren’t more upset that Sydney went home and that everybody’s being nice to Maria. Just let it go, girl. She goes to Madina and asks to chat with her outside.

“Syd leaving made a lot of things more real,” she tells Madina. Lea is upset that Madina said Sydney was one of her best friends, but then when Maria walked in the door, she was all happy to see her.

“I don’t have to be mean to Maria for her to know that Sydney and I were close,” Madina responds. Madina’s just trying to navigate the situation as best as she can. Lea trying to create drama is not helpful.

Ugh. I thought Sydney going home would be the end of the ridiculous drama, but I was wrong. Lea thinks she’s standing up for her “friends.” These women aren’t your friends, Lea. They’re competition for Joey’s affections. They’re rivals. You’re not here to make friends. Did Courtney Robertson teach you nothing?

Maria’s had enough

The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 4 recap
Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

And because of this silly drama, we’re going to be denied a Rose Ceremony. When Maria leaves the room in tears, Lea is glad. Lea is not a nice person.

Oh, and now we’re treated to Lea getting ready to “speak my truth” to Joey. It really grates on me when people use the expression “my truth.” It’s like their truth is different than other people’s truth. That’s often true, but the fact remains, the truth is just the truth.

Lea wants to be Sydney 2.0. How did talking about one of Joey’s other girlfriends work out for Sydney, Lea? Do you really want to go there?

Meanwhile, Maria is telling her handler that she just wants to go home. She’s tired of the mean girls, and she just wants to leave.

What’s going to happen? We’ll find out tomorrow night as the two-day Bachelor event continues. Another two-hour show tomorrow night?! ABC/Disney is trying to kill me.

See you tomorrow!

The Bachelor Season 28 airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.


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